Is the Samsung unhu8550 a good 4K TV?

Is the Samsung unhu8550 a good 4K TV?

If you must have a 4K TV now, the Samsung UNHU8550 is the best overall choice. Yes, it still costs hundreds more than non-4K LCD TVs, and the difference in extra detail between 4K and 1080p is still basically invisible at normal screen sizes and viewing distances.

What can I do with the Samsung UHD 65au8005?

Likewise, we can control certain functions of the Samsung 4K UHD 2021 65AU8005 using Google Assistant , Alexa and Bixby . As you can see, we have a fairly complete system. The latest technology news and reviews, covering computing, home entertainment and more.

Is the Samsung hu8550 worth the money?

The HU8550 works with Samsung’s exclusive “UHD content packs,” which are basically external hard drives filled with a few 4K movies. Unless you’re desperate to watch 4K and are willing to pay through the nose, they’re not worth buying on their own (although they’re often bundled with the TV).

Is the Samsung au8005 based on Tizen?

The Samsung AU8005 offers us Tizen in its latest update, in addition, this system is based on Linux, therefore, we will have good optimization and security. As if that were not enough, an intuitive platform is also added that seeks to put everything in a simpler way, so any user can interact with it .

Is the Samsung hu8550 compatible with 3D glasses?

Samsung just began selling its SEK-2500U, the 2014 OneConnect Evolution Kit compatible with 2013 sets like the S9 and F9000 . Of course the HU8550 has 3D capability, and Samsung includes four pair of 3D glasses.

How many dimming zones does the Samsung hu8550 have?

It did tell us that the HU8550 matches the number of dimming zones on the HU8700 series of curved 4K TVs, that the 85S9 has roughly 20 times as many zones as the 9000, and that none of Samsung’s other LED TVs for 2014 have hardware-based local dimming. Like nearly all current 4K TVs, the HU8550 uses a panel with a 120Hz refresh rate.