Is the CNA written test hard?

Is the CNA written test hard?

Is the CNA Exam Hard? The exam can be hard if Nursing Assistants do not have the knowledge and skills needed to pass the exam. The written or oral section of the exam may consist of approximately 70 questions, but the exact number of questions varies by state.

What kind of questions are on the CNA exam?

About the CNA The written portion of the exam commonly consists of 60 multiple-choice questions that must be completed within 90 minutes. In most states, you must pass the written portion and the clinical skills portion of the exam with a 70% or higher to gain your CNA certification.

How many questions are on the CNA exam?

The CNA exam will consist of two parts: a written portion (also known as a knowledge exam) and a clinical skills test. The written test is intended to measure a candidate’s mastery of nursing assistant knowledge and skills. The test consists of 60 multiple choice questions, with 90 minutes to complete them.

What is a CNA written test?

The Written Exam. The CNA written test consists of multiple choice questions that are designed to test your knowledge of how to properly administer care to patients. The number of written questions on the exam varies from state to state, but is usually no more than 70 questions.

What is a practice test?

Practice tests, used in all Smarter Balanced states and territories, are available in grades 3-8 and high school. They are similar in format and structure to the actual test and include about 30 questions. Each state and territory has its own practice test, so be sure to use the one where you live (see the list on the right).

What is a CNA exam?

The CNA exam is separated into two sections: written examination AND clinical skills test. The written portion uses a multiple-choice format to test your knowledge of nursing concepts. You have 90 minutes to complete 60 questions. The clinical skills test requires you to perform nursing tasks in front of an evaluator.

What is CNA prep?

CNA Prep. Steps for Success! This course prepares students for success on the certified nursing assistant exam in Florida. It is a fast-paced interactive course that provides students an opportunity to review essential materials and practice patient care clinical testing skills with other students.