Is S3 Kentucky or Tennessee?

Is S3 Kentucky or Tennessee?

What is an S3 Heart Sound? The third heart sound is a short, low frequency sound heard best with the stethoscope’s bell. It occurs early in diastole and is dull in quality. As an extra heart sound, it creates a galloping rhythm with a cadence like word ‘Kentucky’.

What does S3 and S4 heart sounds indicate?

A S3 can be a normal finding in children, pregnant females and well-trained athletes; however, a S4 heart sound is almost always abnormal. CLINICAL PEARL: A S3 heart sound is often a sign of systolic heart failure, however it may sometimes be a normal finding.

Does S3 sound like Kentucky?

Physiology. It occurs at the beginning of the middle third of diastole, approximately 0.12 to 0.18 seconds after S2. This produces a rhythm classically compared to the cadence of the word “Kentucky” with the final syllable (“-CKY”) representing S3.

What does the S3 heart sound indicate?

Third Heart Sound S3 Results from increased atrial pressure leading to increased flow rates, as seen in congestive heart failure, which is the most common cause of a S3. Associated dilated cardiomyopathy with dilated ventricles also contribute to the sound.

What causes heart sounds S3 S4?

As with S3, the fourth heart sound is thought to be caused by the vibration of valves, supporting structures, and the ventricular walls. An abnormal S4 is heard in people with conditions that increase resistance to ventricular filling, such as a weak left ventricle.

What does S3 sound like?

S3 is a low-pitched sound; this is helpful in distinguishing a S3 from a split S2, which is high pitched. A S3 heart sound should disappear when the diaphragm of the stethoscope is used and should be present while using the bell; the opposite is true for a split S2.

What sound does S3 and S4 make?

S3 and S4 sounds. In addition to S1 and S2, third (S3) and a fourth heart sound (S4) may be present. S3 and S4 can occur in normal persons or be associated with pathological processes. Because of their cadence or rhythmic timing S3 and S4 are called gallops. Gallops are low frequency sounds, lower than both S1 and S2.

What does a S4 heart sound like?

The fourth (s4) heart sound is a low frequency sound, that occurs immediately prior to the first heart sound. It is best heard with the stethoscope’s bell. The S4 heart sound creates a cadence which is like the word ‘Tennessee’, where the syllable ‘Ten’ is S4.