Is marble good for wood burning fireplace?

Is marble good for wood burning fireplace?

Marble has excellent heat tolerance and can be used with wood burning, gas or electric fireplaces. When properly cared for Marble rarely suffers from stains, cracks and chips. Typically available in white, and light colors, marble will require more cleaning than darker stones, such as granite.

Can you have a marble surround with a log burner?

Marble Surrounds for Wood Burners: Marble fire surrounds can be used for wood burning stoves if you maintain minimum distances away from the fire. Typically the marble should be 300mm away from the fire (left and right) and be at least 450mm away from the top of the flame (height).

Can you put a wood stove in a fireplace?

You can only fit a wood burner in your fireplace if it has a class 1 chimney. It is very important that your wood burner is connected to the correct size flue or flue liner – if it isn’t, it will not only perform badly, but won’t be safe either. Most stoves of up to 20kW need a minimum of a 6” flue diameter.

What do you need to know about wood burning stoves?

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Can you put a wood burner in a gas fireplace?

If you have a completely boarded up fireplace, or maybe a gas fire in a recess, it is possible to open it up to fit a stove inside. However, again, this will depend on a few things. First of all, it’s important that the fireplace opening size is big enough to accommodate a wood burner.

What kind of marble is in Buckley fireplaces?

Buckley Fireplaces offer a great selection of modern, contemporary & classic marble and limestone fireplaces, mantels and chimney pieces. Exquisite period and antique fireplaces classic examples of Victorian, Georgian, Regency and Edwardian mantel and chimney pieces in fine white marble and inlaid sienna.

Which is the best company for wood burning stoves?

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