Is Futurama season 6 on Amazon Prime?

Is Futurama season 6 on Amazon Prime?

Watch Futurama Season 6 | Prime Video.

When did season 6 of Futurama come out?

June 24, 2010
The sixth and penultimate season of Futurama originally aired on Comedy Central from June 24, 2010, to September 8, 2011, and consisted of 26 episodes.

Is Futurama on Amazon Prime?

Though not included free with Prime, all 140 episodes of Futurama are available to purchase individually or by entire season on Amazon Prime Video.

When does season 6 of Futurama come out on DVD?

It was released in the United States and Canada, on December 21, 2010, and on UK DVD on boxing day 2011. The remaining 13 episodes are available on a box set called Futurama: Volume 6, which was released in the United States and Canada on December 20, 2011. Both volumes have all episodes ordered in production order as was the case with Volumes 1–4.

When does the last episode of Futurama air?

The final episode of the season, ” Reincarnation “, aired on September 8, 2011 as a three-segment non-canonical special after the official season finale. The first 13 episodes of the season have been released on a box set called Futurama: Volume 5, on DVD and Blu-ray Disc.

Why did Bender leave Amy in Futurama season 6?

Not wanting to lose the debate after revealing he too was robosexual, Farnsworth has a change of heart and supports Proposition Infinity, which is passed as law and legalizes robosexual marriage. However, Bender leaves Amy and begins dating fembots again when he realizes that robosexual marriage is monogamous.

What was the one way time machine in Futurama?

The Late Philip J. Fry The Professor invents a one-way time machine that takes the crew ever further into the future with no hope of returning. 8. That Darn Katz! Earth is invaded by a race of intelligent cats. 9. A Clockwork Origin The theory of evolution is put to the test on a planet inhabited by robots. 10. The Prisoner of Benda