Is fostex still in business?

Is fostex still in business?

Fostex Company now have distribution in more than fifty territories and continues to be a major name in recording from the home musician to the television station; the recording studio to the duplication house.

Is Fostex Japanese?

Foster Denki KK (フォスター電機株式会社, Fosutā Denki kabushiki kaisha) is an electronics company that manufactures loudspeakers and audio equipment for other companies or sells them under the trade name Fostex. It is traded on the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

Are Fostex Speakers good?

First and foremost, the Fostex PX-5HS speakers sound remarkably clear, and don’t let their small stature fool you, the little speakers’ bass is rich and full.

Where are the faders on the Fostex MR16?

The MR16 has a very traditional layout, which will be familiar to anyone who has every used a small mixer, multitrack cassette recorder or digital studio. In short, the channel controls line up to the left, the inputs are found at the top, mixer controls in the middle and faders at the bottom.

How many tracks can a Fostex mr16hdcd record?

Up to four tracks can be recorded simultaneously, using the MR16’s quartet of 48V phantom-powered XLR inputs, each with its own level trim control and peak warning LED. Alternatively, each channel has a quarter-inch unbalanced jack input suitable for line-level connections with keyboards, drum machines and so on.

How does bounce mode work on Fostex mr16hdcd?

The inputs, if not being routed to record tracks, can be bussed directly into the mix, effectively making the MR16 into a 20-channel mixer. When a mix is completed, a Bounce Mode button routes the whole mix to a spare stereo pair of tracks or, if all the available tracks have already been used, to a new song.

Which is better zoom HD16 or Fostex MR16?

The MR16 is clearly built to offer a lot of tracks for the lowest price possible, and for that reason it’s unfair to compare it with 16-trackers that cost much more. The closest, in terms of price, is Zoom’s HD16, which offers roughly the same core feature set.