Is Danny Bonaduce still married to Amy Bonaduce?

Is Danny Bonaduce still married to Amy Bonaduce?

3, manager Amy Railsback, in surprise Maui wedding. Let the “Get Happy” jokes begin. Danny Bonaduce, former “Partridge Family” child star, wed his girlfriend of three years Amy Railsback in a private ceremony in Maui Nov.

Who is Danny Bonaduce ex wife?

Gretchen Hillmer Bonaduce1990 – 2007
Setsuko Hattori1985 – 1988
Danny Bonaduce/Ex-spouses
Danny Bonaduce would struggle with drug abuse for years to come, including during his 18-year marriage to former wife, Gretchen Hillmer.

Who is Bonaduce married to?

Amy Railsbackm. 2010
Gretchen Hillmer Bonaducem. 1990–2007Setsuko Hattorim. 1985–1988
Danny Bonaduce/Spouse

Are Danny and Gretchen still together?

A rep for the actor told Radar, “Danny says some of that rings true, but he’s eight years sober, married to the right person, and living his best life.” After splitting from Gretchen, Danny married wife Amy in 2010. Gretchen Bonaduce: Surviving Agent Orange will be released on August 14. We pay for juicy info!

Who is Danny Bonaduce married to in real life?

Danny Bonaduce gets married to wife No.3, manager Amy Railsback, in surprise Maui wedding. Danny Bonaduce made it official with fiance Amy Railsback in a surprise beachside wedding ceremony in Maui late November.

Who is the father of Danny bonudace’s daughter?

The exact birth date of Isabella is still under investigation. She is among the two children born to Gretchen Hillmer Bonudace and her former husband, Danny Bonaduce. Isabella’s father is a well-known American actor, and her mother actress.

Who is Dante Bonaduce and what does he do?

Does he have tattoos?: Dante Danny Bonaduce is a well-known name in the American radio industry. In addition to being a radio personality, he has worked as a professional wrestler, comedian, and child actor.

Who was the personal trainer for Danny Bonaduce?

The physical ed. coach, who really spent more time with Brian and Suzanne � because he had time to, since I was working � turned out to be a karate instructor. When the producers got wind of that, they hired Chuck Norris to be my personal trainer.