Is comedy defensive driving legit?

Is comedy defensive driving legit?

Comedy traffic school is legit, and an absolute blast. Improv Comedy Traffic School & Defensive Driving lets you reduce the points on your driver’s license and keep your auto insurance rate in check while keeping you thoroughly entertained. This is the engaging defensive driving course you are looking for.

How long is Louisiana defensive driving course online?

Benefits of the Online Driver Improvement Course Ticket School’s online Louisiana Driver Improvement Course (also known as a Louisiana defensive driving course) is a six-hour course designed to satisfy any court requirements due to a Louisiana traffic ticket if the judge in your parish approves.

How long is Georgia defensive driving course?

6 hour
What is a Driver Improvement/Defensive Driving Course? Driver Improvement is a 6 hour course designed to teach drivers about safe driving attitudes and behaviors.

How long is the NYS defensive driving course good for?

3 years
Every 3 years you must complete this state-approved defensive driving course to keep your mandatory car insurance discount through New York’s Internet Point and Insurance Reduction Program. If you do not renew, your auto insurance rate will automatically increase.

What are the three levels of higher driving skills?

three levels of driving: operational, tactical and strategical level.

How long is the American Safety Council Defensive Driving Course?

How long is the American Safety Council defensive driving course? American Safety Council defensive driving courses vary by state. In general, you can expect to spend anywhere from two to eight hours on coursework. In New York, the class is about five hours, while California classes take eight hours.

How long does defensive driving course online take?

How Long Does It Take to Complete an Online Defensive Driving Course? You will typically spend anywhere from about an hour to eight hours to complete an online defensive driving course among most of the courses we reviewed.

How long does defensive driving classes take?

nine hours
The New Zealand Defensive Driving Course takes just nine hours and instills a lifetime of safer driving strategies for any young driver. The course is run over four sessions of two hours duration — with homework for presentation at the next session — and a one-hour practical in-car session.

How many points does a defensive driving course take off in GA?

seven points
Benefits of Defensive Driving Course GA “If you have points on your license, going to a defensive driving course can erase seven points from your license,” says Kirk Brisette, Ph. D., CEO and co-founder of DriveSmart Georgia. “This can only happen once every five years.

Does defensive driving course remove points?

A defensive driving course applies only to the points for such an offense but does not remove the conviction nor all of its consequences. For example, a third speeding ticket within 18 months would remain and that motorist would receive a minimum six-month revocation.

How many hours is defensive driving course?

Frequently Asked Questions About Defensive Driving. The course will take about six hours to complete. There are 5 hours of course time and 1 hour of break time. One of the benefits of using our course is your ability to complete defensive driving as your schedule permits.

What are higher order driving skills?

This involves the application of higher order car driving skills, such as hazard perception, judgement, decision making, multi-tasking, risk control and safe driving attitudes across a range of vehicles and driving situations.

How does NSC online defensive driving courses work?

NSC Defensive Driving Online Courses deliver the most relevant, leading-edge content to motivate and educate your employees to be safe, responsible drivers. Each program delivers the highest level of interactivity, full-course narration, closed captioning, and high definition videos, animated illustrations and gaming exercises.

How to get a defensive driving certificate online?

Get Your Defensive Driving Certificate Online In Just a Few Short Hours! Upon completion of the course, participants receive up to a 15% discount off the cost of auto insurance as well as a 3-point credit on their driving record.

Is there a AAA defensive driving course online?

However, online courses are available right now, and you will receive the same benefits by taking the course from the safety of your home. Thank you for your patience and understanding. Sharpen your driving skills with the AAA Defensive Driving Course – CT.

Are there any defensive driving courses in Delaware?

The six-hour Basic and three-hour Refresher (also know as “Advanced”) Defensive Driving Coursesoffered through this site are exclusively for the state of Delaware. They are approved by the Delaware DMV and provide the maximum benefitsfor insurance discounts and point credit in accordance with Delaware law. Basic Defense Driving