Is CFA July 2021 Cancelled?

Is CFA July 2021 Cancelled?

NEW DELHI: The CFA Institute has cancelled the CFA May session exams for all three levels – CFA 1, CFA 2, and CFA 3. The decision to cancel the examinations was taken due to the ongoing COVID-19 crisis. Candidates affected by the cancellation of the CFA 2021 May exams can now appear in the November session.

Will CFA exams happen in August 2021?

Next Exam: August 2021.

Can I move my CFA exam date?

If you need to reschedule your exam appointment in your exam window, you will be charged a non-refundable USD 250 fee* and any applicable taxes. You may not use this change to move to a new testing window, such as November 2021 or February 2022.

When do I get my May 2021 CFA exam results?

May 2021 level 1 CFA exam results are expected on 6 July 2021, after 9 a.m. ET. For level 2 – the results date is going to be most probably 13 July, and it may be a week or two more for level 3.

How many ethics questions are in the CFA exam?

For the level 1 CFA exam, the number of questions per topic may vary from exam to exam. That’s because CFA exam topic weights are given in ranges. We assume there’ll be as many as 28 Ethics questions in your exam. You must have gotten only 9 questions right because you scored only 32% in Ethics.

How many hours do you have to study for CFA exam?

Passing the three exams marks true mastery of the curriculum and is the most important task required to earn the CFA® charter. On average, candidates report investing over 300 hours of study in advance of successfully passing each level. View other highlights from the latest CFA Program candidate survey here.

When is the last paper based CFA exam?

The December 2020 exam is the last paper-based exam for Level I candidates. Find out more about the Level I exam transition. Select the exam that is right for you. Each level of the curriculum builds on the prior level and becomes increasingly complex. The chart below explains the differences between each exam so you can prepare accordingly.