Is bone marrow edema serious?

Is bone marrow edema serious?

Bone marrow edema in persons with osteoarthritis is associated with poor outcomes. When compared to people without edema, those with edema are likely to see their condition deteriorate quickly, often over the course of 15 to 30 months.

What does bone marrow edema on MRI mean?

Bone marrow edema is the term given to abnormal fluid signal seen within the bone marrow on MRI. It is a non-specific, yet important finding usually indicating the presence of underlying pathology.

Can bone marrow edema be cured?

Current treatment of bone marrow edema does not cure the condition, but only helps in alleviating the associated symptoms.

Does bone marrow edema require surgery?

Bone marrow edema treatment In many cases, the liquid inside your bone will go away with time, therapy, and pain medication, such as nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs). In more serious cases, surgery may be required. A common procedure for bone marrow lesions or edemas is core decompression.

What causes marrow edema in the greater tuberosity?

Marrow edema in the greater tuberosity is an infrequent finding. Marrow edema most often is associated with a history of trauma and with rotator cuff abnormalities including full thickness tears.

Can a bone marrow edema cause a rotator cuff tear?

Marrow edema in the greater tuberosity was seen in 11 of 863 patients (1.3%). Nine patients (82%) had associated rotator cuff tear by MR imaging (four full thickness and five partial thickness), one patient had avulsion of the greater tuberosity from the humerus, and one had no rotator cuff abnormality.

Where is the greater tuberosity located on the humerus?

The greater tuberosity, located on the humerus next to the head of the humerus and the lesser tuberosity, is a large, bulbous protrusion from this long arm bone that serves as an attachment point for several muscles. Four of these muscles control movement of the shoulder.

What causes a build up of fluid in the bone marrow?

Bone marrow edema. An edema is a buildup of fluid. A bone marrow edema — often referred to as bone marrow lesion — occurs when fluid builds up in the bone marrow. Bone marrow edema is typically a response to an injury such as a fracture or conditions such as osteoarthritis. Bone marrow edema usually resolves itself with rest and physical therapy.