Is Bayley in a relationship?

Is Bayley in a relationship?

Bayley was committed with former fellow NXT Superstar Aaron Solow for quite a long time. But the two have recently decided to go their separate ways. They were actually engaged to be married but as informed by Solow on Twitter, the two are no more together.

Are Aaron Solow and Bayley still together?

WWE star Bayley and her fiancé AEW wrestler Aaron Solow announced they have ended their engagement. Solow revealed the news on Saturday via Twitter, stating the reason for the split was due to the pair’s different views of their future.

Is Becky Lynch married?

Seth Rollinsm. 2021
Becky Lynch/Spouse

WWE Superstars Seth Rollins and Becky Lynch got married on Tuesday. The professional wrestlers have been engaged since August 2019 and have now tied the knot, with Rollins revealing the news on his social media.

Who is the real life boyfriend of Bayley?

This one is likely to disappoint a lot of young fans out there, featuring Bayley and her actual real-life boyfriend, Aaron Solow. The two got engaged in the spring of 2017, though they haven’t announced a wedding date just yet. Solow, like Bayley, is in the industry, working the independents around the world.

Who is Bayley in the WWE engaged to?

Everyone’s favorite huggable WWE superstar and Raw Women’s Champion Bayley is engaged to Aaron Solow, a fellow professional wrestler. Pamela Rose Martinez, whose in-ring name is Bayley, met Aaron Solow while they were both training together in California.

Is it true that Aaron Solow is Bayley’s boyfriend?

He Doesn’t Like Being Known as Bayley’s Boyfriend The majority of WWE fans know Aaron Solow primarily as Bayley’s boyfriend, and it seems that he is not a fan of that fact. At least, that’s the position he took in a promo he cut in 2015.

Why was Bayley wearing a short dress in NXT?

Bayley has a short dress on, the throwback pic was taken back in her NXT days when she was on a dominant run with the championship. She’s still breaking records on the main roster, she recently became the longest combined reigning SmackDown Women’s Champion.