Is Alyssa Healy daughter of Ian Healy?

Is Alyssa Healy daughter of Ian Healy?

A right-handed batter and wicket-keeper, she is the daughter of Greg Healy, who was part of the Queensland squad, while her uncle Ian Healy was Australia’s Test wicket-keeper and held the world record for the most Test dismissals….Alyssa Healy.

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Does Ian Healy have a daughter?

Emma Healy
Laura Healy
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Is ellyse Perry related to Ian Healy?

Fox Sports have added Australian stars Ellyse Perry and Alyssa Healy and her uncle, former Australia wicketkeeper Ian Healy, to their cricket commentary team for the coming summer.

Who is Alyssa Healy’s dad?

Greg Healy
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Who is the wife of cricketer Ian Healy?

He married Helen Healy and has two daughters and a son with her. His son, Tom Healy is also a wicketkeeper for Queensland under-19 team. His niece Alyssa Healy is a wicketkeeper of Women’s Australian National Cricket Team.

Who is the daughter of Ian Healy and Alyssa Healy?

She,22, is part of a cricket-rich family being the daughter of Greg Healy and former Australian wicket keeper Ian Healy, her uncle.

When did Ian Healy score a century against New Zealand?

Healy followed up with another century, against New Zealand at Perth in 1993–94. Healy was also well known for his energy and optimism behind the stumps, and could frequently be heard on effects microphones encouraging the rest of the team, perhaps most prominently praise of Shane Warne, expressed as ‘bowling, Warnie’.

How many catches did Ian Healy take in Zimbabwe?

In the three Tests, Healy made only 25 runs and took four catches. The team made a brief visit to Zimbabwe the following month, to play the inaugural Test between the two nations, at Harare. Healy made five and took two catches.