Is a Burton Custom a good board?

Is a Burton Custom a good board?

So all in all the Burton Custom is still a great board. It’s not the one board quiver it used to be for all conditions riding but it still is one of the best all mountain boards when it comes to a really joyful turning experience and getting air.

Is Burton Custom good for beginners?

The Burton Custom is a great board to start out with. They have two types: Burton Custom and Burton Custom Flying V. To put it simply, Burton Custom (camber) is better for riding and Custom Flying V (rocker) for tricks.

What are the best snowboards?

The 8 Best Snowboards of 2020-2021

  • Capita Defenders of Awesome.
  • Ride Warpig.
  • Lib Tech T. Rice Orca.
  • Season Nexus.
  • Jones Stratos.
  • Yes Standard.
  • Ride Algorythm.
  • K2 Afterblack.

Which is better Burton custom or Burton custom?

A lot has been done with the flex technology over the years and the Burton Custom of 2019 is massively more dynamic underfoot than the Burton Customs we rode in the past. It’s a fast board and most people won’t need any more speed on wide open mountain runs.

Is the Burton custom a one board solution?

The Burton Custom has been around forever and a few days. It’s actually an easier ride than it was in the past but with the addition of so many catch free easy floating hybrid profiles in the market these days this old traditional camber version has become a bit obsolete when looking for a one board solution.

Is the Burton custom X a good snowboard?

It’s not as good as the Custom X but it can handle higher speeds pretty well. The Custom has a nice blend between speed and a more forgiving nature (for camber) when conditions start to change for the worse throughout the day.

Is the Burton custom camber a good board?

The Custom is a great option for someone looking for that traditional camber feel, a board that is an awesome carver, has great pop and one that can bomb, but who isn’t often in either deep powder or really icy conditions.