How to setup a cccam on a server?

How to setup a cccam on a server?

CCCAM INSTALLATION AND SETUP (C line and F line) – Step by Step 1 Your server’s dns ip:* 2 Your server’s CCcam Listen Port:* 12000 3 Your server’s CCcam User:* *12userfromserver34 4 Your server’s CCcam Password: 12passfromserver34

How to set up a F line for cccam?

So you need to allow the server to connect to your CCcam. You will need to set up an F line to enable your Friend to connect to your server. Please note that every user needs a different user and password. Now just put the two lines in the CCcam.cfg file, save and restart CCcam from dreambox. 8.* C line for your Peer * 9. Port Forwarding

Which is the bin file in cccam archive?

The CCcam archive is composed of 2 files, a bin file and a config file. In the original RAR archive, the authors have saved the Dreambox binary file as CCcam.ppc, whilst the config file is the same as for any version. It is suggested to rename the binary file in CCcam as it will help make the following Telnet procedures easier.

Where do I find the key file for cccam?

Unless the destination folder has been changed, by default, the key file is found in the var/keys folder. CCcam is using the SoftCam.key/Autoroll.key format, which is also used by other EMU systems. For this reason, there is no need for a purpose built key file format for this CAM.

Which is the best website for

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What kind of emulator do I need for cccam?

Support of providers: SkyDE (caid 0x098C, 0x09c4), NC+ 4k (caid 0x1884) and Dorcel channels 19E CCcam v2.3.2-de for MIPS with LONG ECM and SkyDE support

How to install cccam on a Dreambox image?

Install CCcam * On most Dreambox images you can download and install CCam directly from your Dreambox – please refer to your Image help file for installation. * You can also install CCcam manually if you have the necessary expertise – I will leave it up to you! * 4.* Install DCC * 5. Setting up and working with DCC 6.