How much does it cost to ride the train in Italy?

How much does it cost to ride the train in Italy?

Most train travelers in Italy spend each rail-travel day taking relatively short rides on the Milan–Venice–Florence–Rome circuit. For these trips (most of which cost less than $50 for a second-class ticket), it’s cheaper to buy point-to-point train tickets than a rail pass (since most cost more than $50 per day).

Is it better to buy train tickets in advance in Italy?

Once you’re in Italy, you can buy tickets just before you get on a train. Buying tickets soon after they’re released gives you a better chance of securing seats during busy travel days, and may give you access to sales or ticket discounts that are only available for advance purchases.

Should you book train tickets in advance in Europe?

As mentioned before, to get the best price on tickets, it’s advisable to book at least one month in advance. Most National Rail Services start selling train tickets 60-90 days before the date of departure. Eurostar tickets are on sale 180 days in advance, and you should snatch those tickets up as soon as possible.

Where can I buy Rick Steves train tickets?

For big discounts, buy tickets up to three months ahead (just note that these tickets are nonrefundable and nonchangeable). The easiest way to get train tickets before leaving home is to buy them through (after all, you’re already here!).

Do you need a rail pass to ride a bus in Italy?

Buses not operated by the national railway (that’s most buses in Italy) aren’t covered by rail passes. Any tips for buying point-to-point train tickets in Italy? If a rail pass doesn’t pencil out for your trip, you may be able to shave off the cost of your train tickets — or at least some of the hassle — with some of these tips:

How much does it cost to get a train pass to Italy?

Reservations are required, and cost about $12 per leg if you have a rail pass. EuroCity, InterCity, and international trains: Reservations are required, and cost about $10 if you have a rail pass.

Where can I get a refund for my Rail Pass?

See the updated special refund terms assembled by Rail Europe, which handles orders placed through our site. To get started, see our advice on refund options for rail passes and train tickets.