How much does it cost to ride the Seven Stars train?

How much does it cost to ride the Seven Stars train?

Luxury, not so much. But regional railway JR Kyushu has launched a deluxe passenger service where a ticket for two can cost as much as $11,500. The seven-car Seven Stars is a “cruise train” that will shuttle around the volcanic southern island of Kyushu starting October 15 while pampering its passengers.

How much is the Seven Stars train in Japan?

The price of the Seven Stars is very high, ranging from 330,000 yen to 420,000 yen per person for two days and one night, and 680,000 yen to 900,000 yen per person for four days and three nights. Although the price is not high, a large number of snap-ups are flooded every year, which shows the charm of the Seven Stars.

How much is Shiki Shima train?

The elite trips come at a cost: A three-day, two-night trip staying in the train’s fanciest cabin, the Shiki-Shima Suite, costs more than $9300 for a single passenger, and around $6200 per person for a couple. The same trip costs almost $4500 per person for the lowest-level double-occupancy cabin.

Is there a seven stars train in Kyushu?

The carefully-crafted itineraries of Seven Stars in Kyushu allow travellers to enjoy the best of the on-board experience as well as the scenery outside the train. Seven Stars in Kyushu is not just a train but also a showcase for the best of Japanese artistry; even the washbasins are a limited edition.

Where to go on the Seven Stars train?

The Kyushu Seven Stars train journey is a celebration of Kyushu Island – known for its dramatic volcanoes, bubbling hot springs, balmy climate and delicious ramen noodles.

What are the names of the Shinkansen trains?

Individual trains are named Tsubame (“Swallow”), the name of the former Hakata-Kagoshima limited express service. 8-car N700-7000 and N700-8000 series trains are used on through-running services between Shin-Osaka and Kagoshima-Chūō. The first set (S1) was delivered to Hakata Depot in October 2008.

How to reserve a seat on a Kyushu Shinkansen?

Reservation of designated seats of Kyushu Shinkansen and Limited Express trains within the Kyushu Rail Pass Area to be purchased is possible. Please reserve a designated seat at JR Kyushu ticket counter. For Kyushu Rail Pass 3 days for 10 times, for 5 days for 16 times, ordinary car designated seat can be reserved for free.