How much does a slot car track cost?

How much does a slot car track cost?

Slot Mods’ base-model Standard Scenic Raceway, which measures 6 x 12 feet, costs $50,000. Each is made to order and takes 3–4 months to complete. Custom Scenic Megatracks—limited only by space and budget—start at $75,000. Beattie’s largest creation was commissioned for more than $300,000.

What is the most popular slot car scale?

1/32 scale
1/32 scale slot cars: 1/32 scale slot cars are the most common. You’ll find the widest range of ready-to-go cars in this scale and a wide assortment of 1/32 slot car tracks and accessories.

What is the best slot car track?

Our Top Picks for the Best Slot Car Track of 2021

  • #1: Carrera GO!!!
  • #2: Scalextric App Race Control Pro Platinum GT 1:32 ARC Digital Slot Track Set (Best Premium)
  • #3: Carrera GO!!!
  • #4: Hot Wheels Super Speed Blastway Dual Track (Best Low Cost)
  • #5: Scalextric Super Karts (Best for Go Kart Fans)
  • #6.

What is the largest slot car track?

The longest slot car track measured 2.953 miles (4.752 kilometres) and was built by James May (UK) and 300 volunteers at Brooklands, UK, on 16 August 2009 as part of the BBC series James May’s Toy Stories made by Plum Pictures.

What is HO scale slot car racing?

In other hobbies, the term HO is often used more loosely than in railroad modeling. In slot car racing, HO does not denote a precise scale of car, but a general size of track on which the cars can range from 1:87 to approximately 1:64 scale.

What is a slot car track?

A slot car (sometimes, slotcar or track car) is a powered miniature auto or other vehicle that is guided by a groove or slot in the track on which it runs. A pin or blade extends from the bottom of the car into the slot.

What is a digital slot car?

With digital slot cars, a chip intercepts the current and regulates the power transmitted to that particular slot car’s engine. This allows each digital slot car to change lanes while being individually controlled.

What is a slot track?

A slot car track is made of plastic segments with two steel rails in each lane. These steel rails run the entire length of the track. One of the rails provides power to the slot car while the other rail provides the ground.