How much does a cow embryo cost?

How much does a cow embryo cost?

The cost of embryo transfer is about $125 per cow.

How much does it cost to flush a cow for embryos?

Average cost of flushing a cow, including the freezing of embryos, is $1,100. Before donor cows are inseminated and flushed, each receives a customized hormone injection to help stimulate follicle production and maximize the number of embryos that can be harvested.

Can you sell frozen embryos?

No, you cannot sell your frozen embryos. It is illegal in the U.S. to pay for an embryo. However, donors are typically reimbursed for specific costs relating to the donation.

How long can you store cattle embryos?

Embryos can be stored indefinitely as long as the tank and liquid nitrogen are carefully maintained. When embryos are to be transferred fresh, they are loaded directly into 0.25 cc plastic straws and trans- ferred using a rod similar to an AI rod.

Where can I buy cow embryos for sale?

EMBRYOSALE.COM perfectly fits in with the speed and topical matters of worldwide breeding. On a regular basis you will find here new offers of embryos from exceptional cow families and by the hottest bulls.

When did the use of embryo transfer in cattle begin?

The technology of embryo transfer (“ET”) in cattle came of age in the 1980s and became a standard of practice in the United States’ most progressive beef herds by the 1990s. Today, access to certified embryologists is widely available and use of ET is the most cost efficient way to multiply superior genetics derived from a special female.

Are there any Angus embryos available for sale?

Our genetic base is built upon proven bloodlines that excel for calving ease, early growth, moderate mature size and elite end product merit. Embryos offered for sale are high quality and we guarantee a minimum conception rate if embryos are implanted by an AETA certified embryologist. Embryos are available for export from the United States.

Are there any breeders that will source embryos?

We will gladly source embryos or pre-arrange collections, mating the breed’s finest sires with the finest donors available. Regardless if you are looking for that one of a kind mating or thousands of herd improving genetics, we can assist you.