How much does a Baha implant cost?

How much does a Baha implant cost?

The cost of a bone conduction hearing device (BAHA/BAHS) can vary based on contracted pricing per medical facility. The cost of a BAHA/BASH can range between $4,500 (USD) to $8,000 (USD).

What is Baha ear surgery?

Baha is a technology that combines a sound processor with a small titanium fixture implanted behind the ear. This unique system allows the bone to transfer sound to a functioning cochlea (See How the Ear Works) rather than via the middle ear – a process known as direct bone conduction.

How long is Baha surgery?

Cochlear’s Baha Attract Device This procedure takes approximately 60-90 minutes. Possible complications include skin problems and discomfort from wearing the processor as the magnet pressure has to be high for optimal hearing with this device.

Does Baha require surgery?

It is important to note that the Baha system requires surgical placement of the titanium implant followed by its integration into the bony architecture. The device works by transmitting sound through bone to the inner ear thus, bypassing both the external auditory canal and the middle ear [2].

What kind of surgery do you need for a Baha?

Your doctor will perform minor surgery to place the Baha behind your non-functioning ear. The surgery is completed as an outpatient procedure.

How does a doctor determine if you are a Baha?

Only your doctor, together with your audiologist, can determine if you are a good candidate for Baha. You will have an opportunity to try the Baha processor connected to a headband during your appointment. This will provide some sense of what sound would be delivered through bone conduction.

What kind of hearing loss can a Baha’i have?

Possible Baha candidates may have hearing loss from: Malformation of the ear canal or middle ear. Infection of the ear canal resulting in chronic draining ears.

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