How long are the belts on a 660 NEW HOLLAND baler?

How long are the belts on a 660 NEW HOLLAND baler?

7″ x 420.5″
7″ x 420.5″, 3 Ply Mini Roughtop Baler Belt with MATO Lacing to fit New Holland Baler Models: 660 (8 each).

When should I replace my round baler belt?

If your baler uses belts, it is a good practice to pull out the belts and replace them every 10,000 bales or so. After belts stretch, they can’t apply the same pressure as when they were new and set at the correct factory measurements.

How long is a baler belt?


Specification Description
Brand WCCO Belting Inc
Product Length 5 ft.
Warranty Limited
Country of Origin Made in USA

What size Bale does a New Holland 660 baler make?

1995 New Holland 660 660 baler, 5′ wide x 6′ tall bale , autowrap ,no net twine only . Pull Type.

How much does a New Holland Round Baler weight?

5097.1 lbs

Overall Height 8.8 ft (3 m)
Overall Length 14.7 ft (4 m)
Overall Width 7.9 ft (2 m)
Tractor PTO Power Required 65 hp (48 kw)
Weight 5097.1 lbs (2,312 kg)

What causes baler belts to twist?

If belts are overly long, they will be loose when the tailgate is closed with no hay in the chamber. Loose belts will walk. If the bale core breaks down while baling, belts will get loose and can flip. This usually happens in dry short hay conditions.

How big is a New Holland 660 Baler?

’95 NH 660 Baler, 61″X72″, Twine, Good. Auto Wrap, Auto Tie, Bale Diameter: 72, Bale Ramp, Bale Width: 61, Belt Type: Endless, Pickup Type: Standard, PTO: 540, Rotor Type: Feed, Twine Nice clean older baler. Converging wheels, twine tie, bale command, endless belts. Net wrap, 5×6 round bales.

Where can I find a New Holland Baler belt?

Please select the model of your NEW HOLLAND – FORD baler to find baler belts that fit your machine.

Where can I buy a 1994 New Holland 660?

1994 New Holland 660 Baler, 5′ wide x 6′ tall bale , autowrap ,no net twine only . For more information, contact Ben Roberts at 903-491-9571. 1992 New Holland 660 round baler, auto wrap for sale at Baker and Sons Equipment in Lewisville, Ohio. Visit our website for photos and details of our complete used equipment inventory.

Which is the best brand of hay baler?

Take advantage of our relationship with the direct manufacturer and our ability to obtain your hay baler equipment at far reduced prices. Some of our most popular manufacturer baler belts are John Deere Baler Belts, Vermeer Baler Belts, and Ford/New Holland Baler Belts.