How do you win with Pudge?

How do you win with Pudge?

After level 6, one should focus on maxing Rot and Flesh Heap and then switch to level up Hook. The playstyle of Pudge is very aggressive since he has a lot of sustain. The hero can use Rot and right-click to inflict damage. One can contest bounties, initiate fights and be active around the map.

Is Pudge a good support?

Well definitely to use it for your team to save them or outrun an enemy. Playing pudge as a support is usually done as a position 4 (roaming support) which means that you need some items to be effective. Since you mentioned support, the items should be team oriented.

What Lane does Pudge go?

safe lane
Uncommonly, Pudge can serve as a strong utility support in the safe lane. While he is unable to effectively harass the enemy offlaner without his meat hook because his low attack range and movement speed.

Which is the best Pudge build guide for Dota 2?

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What does dismember do for Pudge in Dota 2?

Pudge gets healed for the same amount he damages. Lasts longer on creeps. Dismember is a combination of a good disable and damage, but it does alot more than only that, it will increase even more your kill potential towards enemies, can help you farm or kill roshan with your team, it also heals you and scales the damage with your strenght.

What kind of spells does Pudge use in Dota?

Pudge is a fearsome ganker and one of the most popular and renowned heroes in all of Dota. Meat Hook is a great spell that does pure damage and displaces opponents, setting them up for ganks. Rot slows opponents, as well as dealing heavy damage over time. Flesh Heap gives a strength bonus per kill, as well as magic resistance.

Which is the best way to play Pudge?

1. The way Pudge is meant to be Played. 2. 3. How to Gank and who you can gank successfully. 4. Fighting and Impact. 5. The Art of Hooking. 6. 7. 8. 9. One of the most important items. The way Pudge is meant to be Played.