How do you fix a first column in a table?

How do you fix a first column in a table?

position: absolute; width: 5em; left: 0; top: auto; border-top-width: 1px; /*only relevant for first row*/ margin-top: -1px; By using this style we can freeze first column of the table.

tag defined a class called long. long class defined the background color in CSS.

How do I fix the header in a table?

How to create a table with fixed header and scrollable body ?

  1. By setting the position property to “sticky” and specifying “0” as a value of the top property for the element.
  2. By setting the display to “block” for both and
    element so that we can apply the height and overflow properties to


How do you fix a first column in HTML?

The idea is to make the position of all the first cells in each column absolute, and make width fixed. Ex: max-width: 125px; min-width: 125px; position: absolute; This hides some parts of some columns under the first column, so add an empty second column (add second empty td) with width same as the first column.

What is a fixed header?

A fixed header (also known as a sticky header) is a smart navigation tool that causes the header of a website to remain at the top of the page as a user scrolls up and down. In fact, one study found websites with sticky headers are 22% faster to navigate than other websites.

How to create HTML table with fixed header and fixed column?

I need to create a html table (or something similar looking) with a fixed header and a fixed first column. Every solution I’ve seen so far uses Javascript or jQuery to set scrollTop/scrollLeft, but it doesn’t work smoothly on mobile browsers, so I’m looking for a pure CSS solution.

Can a table have both the header and first column?

In fact, we can have multiple sticky elements stuck in different directions inside the same element, and even single elements that are stuck in multiple directions. Here’s a video example of a table that sticks both the header and first column: Why would you do that? Specifically for tabular data where cross-referencing is the point.

How to fix header in first column in CSS?

As MarredCheese mentioned in the comments, if your first column contains elements instead of elements, you can use tbody td:first-child in your CSS instead of tbody th To have the header in the first column stick to the left, use:

How to create a fixed first column in JSFiddle?

In this jsFiddle you can see a non-script solution that provides a table with a fixed header. It shouldn’t be a problem to adapt the markup for a fixed first column as well. You would just need to create a absolute-positioned table for the first column inside the hWrapper -div and reposition the vWrapper -div.