How do you clean a tablet press?

How do you clean a tablet press?

1. Clean the Exterior: Wipe away all visible dirt on the exterior of the press and vacuum off any excess formulation. Do not use compressed air to blow off excess powders. Compressed air can trap powders in hidden housings, crevices and pockets causing problems down the line.

What is tooling in tablet compression?

Tablet compression machines are made in keeping in view the type of dies and punches will be used on them, The dies and punches and their setup on compression machine is called tooling, it is classified as B and D mainly. Head: The end of the punch that guides it through the cam track of tablet machine during Rotation.

What is Bakelite relief in tablet tooling?

Bakelite relief is an undercut applied to the lower punch tip only. This provides a deeper, sharper relief and will help remove granulation adhered to the die wall. If the product is not removed, binding of the lower punch in the die can occur.

What is B tooling and D tooling?

BB Tooling B tooling is same as BB only difference is that lower punch length is just 3 and 9/16th inch long. D tooling dies and punches are usually have a greater diameter of the tip of punches as compared to B type tolling which makes D type tooling ideal for compression of big size tablets.

Why is it important to clean your tablet press?

With properly cleaned and maintained tooling, tablet manufacturers can expect the highest quality of tablets and a longer production life from their tooling. It is critical that tooling is thoroughly cleaned and dried to remove any oil or product residue from the tablet press.

Do you need a maintenance program for your tablet press?

Creating and following a tooling maintenance program can extend tooling life and save you more than 40% on tooling costs. Implementing a cleaning procedure is essential to maintaining your tablet tooling and presses.

Which is the best way to clean tablet compression tooling?

Ultrasonic cleaning is highly effective for removing all traces of product and/or contaminants from tablet compression tooling. The Tableting Specification Manual (TSM) suggests an ultrasonic bath as the ideal method for clean tooling. After cleaning, moisture from the operator’s fingers can contaminate the tooling and cause rust.

Which is the best tablet press tooling treatment?

Treating & Coating Tablet Press Tooling 1 Diamond Coating. The idea here is to introduce properties of diamond to a punch and die system. 2 Galvanic Chrome Treatment. This tablet press tooling is suitable for most standard tablet press… 3 Chrome Nitride Coating. The final surface of the tablet press tooling is better than…