How do I log into my WW account?

How do I log into my WW account?

How do I log into my account from Facebook?

  1. On the upper right corner of our homepage, click the darker login button with the Facebook “f” initial.
  2. On the following screen, enter your account user name and password, then click the “Log in with Facebook” button.

Why can’t I log into my WW account?

Make sure that you are using the correct user name and password combination and double check that there are no spaces before or after your user name and password in the entry fields. If you are entering the correct combination of user name and password, but still cannot access the site, clear your cookies.

Can you pause Weight Watchers?

You cannot pause your Weight Watchers membership, but you can go back to using the program in case you decide you need it again. In case you are a life-long member, you shouldn’t be paying any fees, as long as you keep your targeted weight. You are supposed to attend the monthly weigh-ins.

How much to join WW?

WW costs exactly the same for both women and men. While you can usually get a great deal at signup towards your first 3-6 months, the price goes up after the initial promotion ends. Here’s how much Weight Watchers costs per month, week, and day: WW Digital: $19.95/month, $4.61/week, $0.67/day.

How to cancel WW online?

Method 1 of 3: Cancelling Online Go directly to the Weight Watchers website to cancel. Canceling your Weight Watchers membership online is the quickest and easiest method. Login to your account. To save you time and make cancelling as painless as possible, login first as you’ll have to login into your account before you can begin Go to your profile page.

How do you join Weight Watchers online?

Access the Weight Watchers website to look at the subscription plans. Go online to to read all the details concerning each subscription plan. The website will explain how each plan differs and will list the pricing as well.

What is Weight Watchers online?

Weight Watchers Online is a program designed to let people follow the Weight Watchers diet at home without attending weekly meetings. The step-by-step plan provides the same information as the in-person plan, but lacks the support of and accountability to the group.