How do I get Chevy MyLink?

How do I get Chevy MyLink?

Getting Connected Select “Pair Device.” Select “Chevy MyLink” from the phone’s Bluetooth menu. Your phone will display a message with a pin number — enter this number into the vehicle’s touchscreen. Push the “Yes” button on the MyLink screen.

How much does Chevy MyLink cost?

The Remote Access Plan is available for $14.99 per month. Check here for more plans and pricing information.

How do I pair my phone with my Chevy MyLink?

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  1. Go into Settings on your Android and make sure that Bluetooth® is on.
  2. On your Chevrolet MyLink screen, tap Phone, then the Pair Device button.
  3. Click on Chevrolet MyLink in the paired devices list on your phone.

What does Chevy’s MyLink system do?

Chevy’s MyLink is a touch-screen infotainment system. MyLink is a touch-screen infotainment system that pairs with your phone to allow you to safely talk and drive. It connects you to several different music applications and even gives passengers access to the Internet.

Does MyLink navigation require OnStar?

Chevrolet MyLink does not require OnStar, so if you decide not to continue the subscription after the first free year, MyLink’s functionality is for the most part unaffected, other than no longer getting navigation destination downloads sent to the LCD screen.

What is the mychevrolet app?

myChevrolet is a mobile app that provides remote vehicle access and information for Chevrolet vehicles.

What is my link Chevy?

Chevrolet MyLink is an infotainment system that enhances your driving experience with simple connectivity, smartphone integration and capacitive touch controls on a beautiful 7-inch high-resolution touch screen. With Chevrolet MyLink, you can seamlessly pair your smartphone and access your personal playlists, phonebooks and other media.