How do I cancel my Riverford subscription?

How do I cancel my Riverford subscription?

To cancel your Riverford subscription, simply contact their customer services over the phone or by email and ask them to suspend your account. Email [email protected] and ask them to cancel your account.

Where are Riverford Farms based?

Riverford is an organic farm and UK-wide organic vegetable box delivery company founded by Guy Singh-Watson in Buckfastleigh, Devon, England, but with sister farms in three locations around the country.

Is Riverford expensive?

It is also more expensive than buying equivalent food from the supermarket and of course it is less flexible with regards to delivery times and dates.

Where does Riverford veg come from?

As much of our range as can be is homegrown (around 80% of our veg in an average year). When we do import, it’s mostly from growers in France and Spain.

Does riverford use email marketing?

We use an external email platform provided by MAPP to fulfil our service and marketing communication needs. Use of a third party email provider is necessary and legitimate for us to execute the service you sign up for with Riverford.

Where do Abel and Cole deliver to?

When Abel & Cole first started, deliveries only happened across South London, with a a couple of vans bringing seasonal goodies from farm to home. Today they deliver to homes across England and parts of south Wales each week.

Is Riverford really organic?

Riverford is a Devon-based organic food delivery service best known for supplying fruit, veg, dairy, meat and seafood to homes around the country.

Are veg boxes worth the money?

The verdict Veg-box schemes do cost more than the standard, non-organic produce in your local supermarket, but the flavours are better and there is value in knowing the food you are putting into your body has been exposed to as few chemicals as possible.

Is Abel and Cole really organic?

Both companies sell organic fruit and veg. They both also sell meat: Riverford only sells organic and free range meat whereas Abel & Cole sells some meat and fish that is non-organic but ‘higher welfare’ or free range.

Is Riverford ethical?

The organic vegetable box company Riverford has been certified as an ethical B Corporation business, reflecting its focus on its workers’ wellbeing through its John Lewis-style employee ownership model.

How big is Riverford Farm?

350 hectares
Where is Riverford? The Dairy lies amidst Riverford’s 350 hectares of organic land in stunning South Devon.

Which is better Abel and Cole or riverford?

Riverford scores better on the table as Abel & Cole loses marks due to its parent company. Although reducing environmental impact was clearly at the heart of its business, Riverford scored badly for its environmental reporting as its report and targets were 8 years old.

When do you get the fruit and Veg Box from Riverford?

The closing date is midnight on Sunday 28 April 2019. The prize is a large seasonal organic fruit and veg box from Riverford, worth £22.95 . The prize also includes delivery to the winner’s home address. The winner must live in a Riverford delivery territory to win.

How long has Riverford organics been delivering food?

We have been growing and delivering organic food for over 30 years. Caring for our soil, wildlife, and fellow family farmers is at the heart of everything we do. All that, with free delivery to your door.

What can I buy from Norton farms monthly meat box?

(Monthly Meat Box) CSA members support the local farmer – The Farmer provides a monthly box with grass fed beef, pastured pork and free range chicken and other meat at a good price. Buy 1/4 , 1/2 and Full Beef Direct from the farmer. A great way to save money, eat healthy, and support a small family farm.

What foods can be delivered to your home from Riverford?

Riverford also produce meat and dairy products as well as their own range of seasonal store cupboard essentials. All of these can be delivered to your home. It’s easy to design and tailor your own delivery.