How do I add an iDRAC to my enterprise license?

How do I add an iDRAC to my enterprise license?

Follow these steps to import an iDRAC license:

  1. Make sure that you have stored the license xml-file to an accessible location.
  2. Enter the iDRAC web interface.
  3. Go to the Licenses tab.
  4. Select Import from the drop-down menu under License Options to import the license.

What is Dell iDRAC enterprise?

iDRAC is an embedded device in all Dell PowerEdge servers that helps system administrators to manage, monitor and update Dell dedicated servers. It helps perform remote server management and it feels like you are physically in front of your server.

How to configure the iDRAC and system iDRAC?

NOTE: If you have troubles to connect, try locally using https://localhost:1311/ . It will remove most of firewall issues. A login page will appear asking to fill the username and the password. NOTE: Use the operating system administrator credentials. OpenManage Enterprise is an intuitive infrastructure management console.

Is the iDRAC6 Express standard for Dell servers?

The iDRAC6 Express is a standard offering on Dell™ PowerEdge™ 600 series and higher rack and tower servers, while iDRAC6 Enterprise is standard on all Dell PowerEdge M-series (blade) servers.

What does the Dell iDRAC remote access controller do?

Dell Remote Access Controller (iDRAC) The iDRAC is a piece of hardware that sits on the server motherboard that allows Systems Administrators to update and manage Dell systems, even when the server is turned off. The iDRAC also provides both a web interface and command line interface that allows administrators to perform remote management tasks.

Is there a trial for Dell EMC iDRAC?

This article provides links to download Dell EMC trial 30 and 90 day evaluation license collection including iDRAC Enterprise, iDRAC Datacenter, CMC Enterprise, OpenManage Enterprise and OpenManage Integration.