How can I tell what my Homer Laughlin pattern is?

How can I tell what my Homer Laughlin pattern is?

A Homer Laughlin decoration number has the format a single or double letter code followed by a number of 1 to 5 digits. For example you can see the decoration number S-203 the potter’s mark (photo 3). The letters are an abbreviation for the Homer Laughlin shape name or their customer’s name.

How do I read my Homer Laughlin date code?

Marks with date codes from the mid to late 1920s will have: a single letter for the month (A=Jan, B=Feb, C=March, etc.) a single number for the year (2=1922, 3=1923,…, 7=1927, 8=1928, 9=1929) an “L” for the Laughlin potteries in East Liverpool, Ohio or an “N” for the Newell potteries in Newell, West Virignia.

Does old Homer Laughlin China have lead?

The process to remove lead from its products began in 1986 and all Homer Laughlin china has been free of lead since 1992.

What is Homer Laughlin China made of?

ceramic ware
Fiestaware, the iconic Homer Laughlin dinnerware Fiesta is a line of glazed ceramic ware made from 1936 to 1973. Homer Laughlin resumed production of Fiesta in 1985.

What did Homer Laughlin make with Georgian eggshell?

There were several items added to the line that were never part of the older Craftsman shape: lug soup, teapot, salt and pepper shakers, chop plate, salad bowl, and an 8″ square plate. In December 1940, two items are listed in the modeling log as being made for Georgian Eggshell; A.D. coffeepot and an A.D. sugar.

What kind of China is in Homer Laughlin?

Only 1 left! Homer Laughlin China: Restaurant Ware Scalloped Gold Trim Oval Serving Plate! Homer Laughlin Eggshell Georgian Cashmere Salt & Pepper Shakers.

What kind of plates do Homer Laughlin use?

“Primuline” on a Georgian Ivory (Craftsman) gravy fast-stand. This pattern may look hand-painted, but it is actually made up of decals. It can also be found on ivory Fiesta. These three plates were photographed at Homer Laughlin. The first one has an unusual Dura-Print treatment. “Tulips” on Georgian Eggshell flatware.

When was the first Georgian eggshell Mark made?

In the case of Georgian Eggshell, development went smoothly since the shapes had been in production since 1933 in the form of Craftsman. The only work involved remodeling the existing pieces so they could be made with the different body. A special Georgian eggshell mark was made in May 1940.