How can I get a copy of my title deed in Dubai?

How can I get a copy of my title deed in Dubai?

If you do not have one, this can be obtained in advance at the Dubai Land Department main office (ground floor, customer services) and costs AED 270 for an apartment / AED 120 for land. Once you have all of the above, you will submit the application and pay approx. AED 1,150 fees for the replacement Title Deed.

How can I check my title deed in Dubai?

How to check the authenticity of your title deed:

  1. Install Dubai Rest from your mobile app store or go to
  2. Select Title Deed Verification from the home page of Dubai Rest or DLD website.
  3. Provide the title deed information such as:

How long does it take to get a title deed in Dubai?

PROCESSING TIME* · Regular Application: 30 days from the date of a successful application. The Dubai Land Department will ship the Title Deed directly to you via Aramex. Urgent Application: 3 days from the date of a successful application.

How long does it take to get title deed?

The Deeds Office takes 10 days to deliver a title deed to the conveyancer after registration.

How much does it cost to get title deed in Dubai?

The current registration fees in Dubai are 4% of the property purchase price (plus some additional administrative fees for the online registration and Title Deed issuance). This fee was increased from 2% in late 2013 and in practical terms, most developers charge this fee upfront with the initial deposit for a new property purchase.

How much does it cost to transfer land in Dubai?

The Dubai Land Department registration fees are the same for the same type of transaction; however, the fees for different types of transaction are different. As examples, the Dubai property transfer fee for registration of sale/purchase property transactions is 4%.

How long does it take to register a property in Dubai?

These are companies the Land Department has partnered with to facilitate property transaction registration. They have access to the Land Department computer systems and can carry out registrations on behalf of the Land Department in as little as 1½ to 2 days.

Where can I find the Dubai Land Department?

View all the associated partners with Dubai Land Department. This service allows clients to search for the location of Registration Trustees offices that provide the services of the Department of Real Estate Registration Services, including sale and mortgage services.