Does Page Plus still exist?

Does Page Plus still exist?

Page Plus is a mobile virtual network operator, or MVNO, that runs exclusively on the Verizon Wireless network. That’s good news — Verizon had the best download speeds when we tested LTE networks earlier this year, and its network is quite extensive.

Is Page Plus the same as Verizon?

Page Plus is a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) that relays on Verizon Wireless network. It’s surely a good news for its customers, because Verizon is well known for its LTE services quality, best download speeds and great coverage.

How much does a Page Plus plan cost?

To start using $29.95 (even if you are a current Page Plus customer on a different plan), you will need to purchase an initial $29.95 plan PIN. Once subscribed, you can use Standard or $29.95 PINs to renew the plan.

When do I renew my page plus cell phone plan?

When you use a service, your account will be charged the amount per the Services chart as listed in the Plans Details tab on this page. Use typically begins when you answer a call, and continues until you end the call or it is otherwise terminated. The $12 plan renews automatically every month.

What happens if you use more than the included minutes on Page Plus Cellular?

If you use more than the included minutes/messages/data in this plan, you will be charged the overage rates listed in the services chart in the Plans Detail tab. Page Plus Cellular holds your account balance in US Dollars.

Can a page plus global calling plan be combined?

†† The $9 Global Calling Plan must be combined with another Page Plus Service Plan to work. The Global Calling plan balance will carryover from month to month as long as your primary service remains active. International long distance service is available only to select destinations which are subject to change at any time.