Does ATI give refunds?

Does ATI give refunds?

REFUND POLICY Tuition will be refunded, minus fees ATI has already incurred for books, materials, health screenings, radiology badges, etc., if the student withdraws within 72 hours (excluding weekends and holidays) after signing the enrollment agreement.

How long does it take to get your TEAS results back?

If you are testing at PSI: Your ATI TEAS Exam results can take up to 72 business hours to appear in your account.

How long do you have access to ATI after graduation?

You understand and agree that, unless your Institution and ATI have agreed otherwise, ATI, through ATI Products, reserves the right to remove Your Learning Data from ATI Products records six months after you graduate from or otherwise end your matriculation with the school or institution affiliated with your ATI …

How many times can I take the TEAS TWU?

Prospective nursing students are limited to two (2) attempts at the TEAS between any two admission deadlines ( Feb. 2 – Aug 15; Aug. 16 – Feb. 1 ).

Do you get refunds for unused ATI assessments?

Please note, if no written notice is received from your School, ATI will ship the CARP Products in the amount originally entered on the pricing section of the applicable ATI Order Form. No refunds or credits are provided for unused Internet-based or paper- pencil assessments.

Is there a waiting period for the ATI TEAS?

Check with the school in which you are applying. Many schools have a mandatory 30-day wait period before taking the TEAS again. Be sure to contact the school to understand the important deadlines involving the ATI TEAS Exam.

What are the products of Ati performance products?

ATI Performance Products manufactures automatic transmissions, torque converters and Super Damper harmonic balancers for racing and high performance use. ATI has over 50 years of transmission, torque converter and performance component manufacturing and drag racing experience.

What does it mean to have an ATI account?

By establishing an Account, you certify and represent that any exam, test, assessment, or other interactive tool offered through ATI Products will be completed and utilized only by you and you will not permit any other person to falsely answer exam, test, and assessment questions under your name.