Can you survive breast cancer with bone mets?

Can you survive breast cancer with bone mets?

Some studies suggest that the average 1-year survival rate for people with metastatic bone cancer is 40–59%. However, the American Cancer Society states that people with distant breast cancer are 28% as likely to live for at least another 5 years as those without this condition.

What is the prognosis of breast cancer metastasis to the bones?

Breast cancer had the highest 1-year survival rate after bone metastasis (51 percent). Having metastases in bone and also in other sites was found to decrease the survival rate.

What happens if breast cancer spread to bones?

Although breast cancer can spread to any bone, the most common sites are the ribs, spine, pelvis, and long bones in the arms and legs. A sudden, noticeable new pain is the most common symptom of cancer that has spread to the bone. It may come and go at first, but over time it can become constant.

What factors affect prognosis of breast cancer?

Breast cancer stage is the most important factor for prognosis (chance for survival)….Breast cancer stage is determined by:

  • Lymph node status.
  • Tumor size.
  • Presence or absence of metastases.
  • Tumor grade.
  • Estrogen receptor status.
  • Progesterone receptor status.
  • HER2 status.

How is bone metastasis related to breast cancer survival?

Objectives Since population-based data on prognostic factors affecting survival in patients with breast cancer with bone metastasis (BM) are currently limited, we conducted this nationwide retrospective cohort study to examine the prognostic role of disease stage at breast cancer diagnosis and length of BM-free interval (BMFI). Setting Denmark.

How does bone cancer affect quality of life?

BM can cause considerable morbidity and reduced quality of life in women with advanced breast cancer. 8 The accelerated bone resorption associated with BM results in a range of skeletal-related events (SREs), including radiation or surgery to bone, pathological fractures and spinal cord compression.

Which is more common bone or liver metastasis?

As mentioned above, bone metastases from breast cancer are the most common sites of distant metastasis with breast cancer. Bone metastases are slightly more common in women who have estrogen receptor-positive breast cancer (metastatic to the liver and the brain are more common in women with HER2-positive breast cancer and triple negative).

When does breast cancer spread to the bone?

When breast cancer spreads to the bones the correct terminology is “metastatic breast cancer to the bone.” when the cancer is found in bones, it is more likely that the cancer metastasis from other areas of the body, than primary bone cancer.