Can you get a macro lens for iPhone?

Can you get a macro lens for iPhone?

Do iPhones have a macro lens? Current iPhone models do not have built-in macro lenses. That’s not to say that they don’t take decent close-ups. But the lenses that come standard with your iPhone aren’t capable of providing the magnification required to shoot true macro photography.

How much is an olloclip?

This item olloclip 4-IN-1 Lens for iPhone 6/6s and 6/6s Plus Silver Lens/Black Clip (Wide-Angle, Fisheye and Macro Lens) Xenvo Pro Lens Kit for iPhone, Samsung, Pixel, Macro and Wide Angle Lens with LED Light and Travel Case #1 Best Seller
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What does a Macro Lens do?

A macro lens is a special type of camera lens that has the ability to work with very short focusing distances, taking sharp images of very small subjects. A true macro lens has a magnification ratio of 1:1 (or greater), and a minimum focussing distance of around 30cm.

How does olloclip Macro Pro lens work on iPhone 6?

Just like their other lens systems, the olloclip Macro Pro Lens kit comes with a special clip which you attach the lenses onto. The clip is then attached over the top of the iPhone so that the lenses align with either the front or rear lens of your iPhone. The clip attaches easily and securely to the iPhone 6/6s or 6/6s Plus.

Can you use macro lens on iPhone 6S Plus?

The clip attaches easily and securely to the iPhone 6/6s or 6/6s Plus. On one side of the clip you can choose to shoot with the 7x macro lens, or stack the 14x lens on top of it for increased magnification. The other side of the clip supports a fixed 21x macro lens.

Is the iPhone SE 2020 an olloclip phone?

New Apple iPhone SE 2020 Apple’s 2nd Generation SE has joined the Olloclip family. With an Olloclip Lens System and a variety of Olloclip lenses, the New SE 2020 can do more for less money than all of the other expensive phones on the market.

Where does olloclip mobile phone lens system come from?

As the Novel Coronavirus Pandemic continues to affect us all daily in our global communities, we recognize our responsibility to take every action we can to help minimize the spread of infection. Olloclip prepares products and ships them worldwide from Orange County, California USA.