Can you bring water on MSC Cruises?

Can you bring water on MSC Cruises?

No beverage or food can be brought unless there is a medical necessity (the baby formula is allowed). Bringing champagne or wine onboard is also not allowed. MSC or its agents have the right to confiscate alcohol that was brought on board by guests.

Which MSC ships have water slides?

At MSC Cruises, the new Seaside-, Meraviglia- and Meraviglia Plus-class vessels have the line’s big waterparks.

What is included in MSC Fantastica package?

The Fantastica experience is an upgrade to MSC Cruises’ standard package. For an extra cost, you’ll enjoy a range of perks such as a cabin in a better location, free room service at breakfast and the first choice of dinner sittings, amongst other things.

How big is the MSC Preziosa cruise ship?

Msc Preziosa Overview. MSC Preziosa is the cruise line’s flagship; so far she is MSC’s largest and most prestigious endeavor. Onboard the ship, which can hold upwards of 3,500 passengers, you will find the thrilling and daring Vertigo, a waterslide that takes you through twists and turns and at one point takes passengers over the edge of the ship.

How big is Doremi Castle on MSC Preziosa?

Similar to the Divina, the Preziosa offers several dining options, a luxurious spa, and the exclusive Yacht Club suite complex. The exciting new Doremi Castle Aqua Park with fountains, sprays, and water pistols will delight the kids; thrill-seekers can shoot down the 42-foot-high, 394-foot-long Vertigo waterslide.

What to do in Eataly on MSC Preziosa?

Eataly on MSC Preziosa is a dining venue that allows passengers to taste and learn about some classic Italian dishes, and then purchase quality Italian produce and products like olive oil and pasta to take home and cook. There’s also the Sports & Bowling Diner where passengers can get a burger and bowl a strike for a fun…

How many bathrooms are there on MSC Meraviglia?

Features include 2 bathrooms (one with tub, one with shower), 2 walk-in wardrobes and 2 telephones. Available with the Aurea Experience on MSC Meraviglia and MSC Bellissima only Information, layout and furniture may vary from that shown (within the same cabin category). More detailed information is available in the Fleet section.