Can sterling silver not be marked?

Can sterling silver not be marked?

Sterling silver must be at least 92.5% silver. US law does not require precious metal to be marked with a quality stamp. Some European countries do require marking. Many tourists in the US (and international online shoppers) will question goods sold without markings that indicate precious-metal quality.

Can silver be real without any markings?

it’s not marked as Silver. I know, this seems a little obvious, but also very telling. There are actual laws and fines involved for the mis-marking and mis-representation of precious metal jewelry. So real, solid, quality silver jewelry should be marked: SS, 925, ST, STERLING, or even just SILVER.

How can you tell if sterling silver is unmarked?

The oxidization of the silver causes the metal to tarnish and take on a black tint over time. To test the item for oxidization, you will need a white cloth. Rub a clean white cloth over the item and then examine the cloth. If you see black marks, the item is either silver or sterling silver.

Is real silver always stamped?

1. Does Silver Always Have a Stamp Mark? In most countries, precious metals such as silver or gold must always have a quality stamp to mark its authenticity. The markings for a silver sterling are usually done with a ‘sterling’ or a ‘ster’ mark to indicate the presence of 92.5% silver or close to pure silver.

Is there such a thing as unmarked jewelry?

These mysteries are sometimes solved quickly as the works of impostors, but those who dig deeper with a true eye for the subtleties of unmarked jewelry are richly rewarded. Every designer has her own personal hallmark that was inherently present in every piece of her jewelry.

If you find what you believe might be sterling silver that is unmarked, you can test it with a liquid acid test kit. However, this is usually unnecessary once you learn the feel of sterling silver, and know how to look at it. Use a loupe and look closely at the corners and points to see if you can see wear.

Who are the best sterling silver jewelry makers?

Scandinavian countries produced great sterling silver jewelry, and among the best-known makers were David Andersen, Georg Jensen and Norway Sterling. These piece are marked with a manufacturer’s logo and the word “sterling.”

What’s the correct number for sterling silver jewelry?

Jewelry must be .925 to be sterling silver in the United States. Most of the newer jewelry is marked .925 if it is sterling silver. The number .950 is a little better quality of sterling silver, and is found in older jewelry. The number .835 is common for older European silver.