Can moldy cigars be saved?

Can moldy cigars be saved?

Cigars that are badly infected with mold should be thrown away so the fungus doesn’t continue to spread. Cigars with small, isolated spots of mold can often be saved with a bit of treatment. Gently wipe off the cigar, being careful not to spread the mold to a wider area.

How do you get mold off of cigars?

Using a light solution of distilled water and isopropyl (rubbing) alcohol, wipe down all of the humidor’s interior surfaces, and leave it open while it dries. This will kill any visible mold, but remember that most of the mold is not actually visible.

Can you smoke a cigar with white mold on it?

Mold tends to have color, and when brushed off a cigar it leaves a stain. Cigars with mold on their feet should not be smoked. A fine, white powder that can be brushed off without leaving a mark is known as plume or bloom, and is not harmful for your cigars.

How do I know if my humidor is moldy?

The first step is to examine the mold and determine if the color is blue to blue-green or white. A bluish or green color is indicative of mold. To begin treating the mold issue, remove all the cigars from your humidor. The cigars should then be sectioned off into 3 groups (heavily infected, salvageable and unaffected).

How can I get mold out of my cigar humidor?

Brush any mold off your cigars, and place them in a cool, dry environment while you clean your humidor. Next, take the humidor outside and carefully brush any growing mold from the humidor, so as not to cause staining on the interior wood surfaces. Once complete, it’s time to kill the spores.

What kind of mold is in a humidor?

One point to note is that mold is mostly a variation of bluish-green to blue in color. If you find a white colored powdery dust on your cigars, this may very well not be mold at all, and instead plume (which is perfectly acceptable and is explained in detail at the end of this page).

What happens if there is too much humidity in a humidor?

Unfortunately, these conditions also describe a cigar humidor that is properly maintained. Indeed, to care for cigars is to walk a razor’s edge: too much heat and humidity, and you risk developing mold and tobacco beetles. Not enough moisture, and you risk your cigars drying out and becoming stale.

Why do I have mold on my cigars?

First, let’s take a look at what causes mold. Mold is more often found on your cigars than in your humidor, and mold is most likely to appear when the RH in your humidor exceeds 75%.