Can a Spinosaurus beat a T-Rex in a fight?

Can a Spinosaurus beat a T-Rex in a fight?

Yes, the Spinosaurus was markedly larger than the T. Rex, but it also lacked the muscle and bite power to do any serious damage. Meanwhile, the T. rex had a powerful bite, but it also lacked speed and agility.

Who would win in a fight a T-Rex or Spinosaurus?

“Whichever one got in the first big bite would have probably won a fight.” In the film it is the Tyrannosaurus that got the first big bite and should have won the fight. Moreover, with a bite force of 3.5-6.5 metric tons the T. rex should have bitten the Spinosaurus head off.

Can a titanoboa kill at Rex?

Simply put: No.

Can Spinosaurus kill Indominus Rex?

Wiz: A large and imposing creature, the Spinosaurus is a deadly animal made by the forces of nature. It is fast on land and in water, and is able to hook fish out of the water using its claws. It can also kill a T-Rex, but this is very rare.

How old is JP3 T Rex compared to JP3 Spinosaurus?

Lol seriously though, word of god says JP3 T-Rex was a juvenile. Juveniles tend to not be as big or strong as adults. Though Jurrasic World T-Rex is 20yrs old and has been living in captivity for a prolonged time while Spinosaurus is younger and wild. @lettsplay10: So?

Which is bigger the Spinosaurus or the T-Rex?

The movie made us think and believe that, The Spinosaurus is bigger and badder than T-Rex. After the fight scene, where the 37 feet T-Rex lost the fight to the Spinosaurus in JP3, it became the most hated scene ever in the Jurassic Park Franchise.

Why was the fight scene in Jurassic Park 3 so long?

Since it was the first time a T-Rex died to another dinosaur, actually it was literally the first time a T-Rex died, which angered many fans. Because of the fight scene which lasted 25 seconds, Jurassic Park 3 became the worst rated movie in Jurassic Park Franchise. B

How big is the Spinosaurus in Jurassic Park?

Remember that Jurassic Park Dinosaurs aren’t always accurate to their real life counterparts meaning they can be smaller, larger etc. Also we’ve only seen the Spinosaurus kill one Rex which was far smaller than Rexy ( (You could say it being attracted to Rex piss implies otherwise but it’s never shown)).