Are Vauxhall Ampera any good?

Are Vauxhall Ampera any good?

On motorways the engine kicks in to join the electric motor, but it’s still a very refined place to be. It’s a reasonably enjoyable car to drive, too, with quick responses, pleasant steering and secure handling. The driving position is spot-on and the interior, especially the dashboard, is eye-catching and futuristic.

Is the Vauxhall Ampera a hybrid?

The Ampera is not a hybrid – in fact it works in the opposite way to a hybrid. Whereas a hybrid has a petrol or diesel engine as its primary power source, with a battery providing an additional power source, an E-REV has a battery and electric motor as its main power source, with back up from a petrol generator.

How long does a Vauxhall Ampera battery last?

Yup. Even at only £6k cost and 8 year service, your Ampera battery won’t be worth replacing until it is 90% depleted (1.5kWh left out of a 16kWh battery!). Let’s say battery costs come down and it’s only £3k and will last 12 years.

Where is Vauxhall Ampera built?

The full production version of the Ampera was unveiled at the 2011 Geneva Motor Show. All versions of the car – Chevrolet Volt / Holden Volt / Vauxhall Ampera & Opel Ampera are assembled at the same Detroit Hamtramck Assembly plant in Michigan.

Are hybrid cars worth it 2020?

Buying a hybrid in 2020 doesn’t have the same cutting-edge feel that it used to back in the early 2000s. But do a little research and you’ll find that hybrid vehicles are better than ever and provide impressive fuel economy with little to no compromise.

What is Ampera?

Ampera is generally an abbreviation for Amanat Penderitaan Rakyat [Mandate of People’s Suffering], a now-rarely used colloquial name for the preamble of the Constitution of Indonesia.

What kind of car is the Vauxhall Ampera?

Auto Express Rating: The Vauxhall Ampera is a range-extender electric car that was awarded the 2013 Green award by Auto Express. The Vauxhall Ampera, and its sister car the Chevrolet Volt, set a new benchmark for battery vehicles, because the addition of a petrol engine eliminated the range anxiety normally associated with electric drive.

How big is the boot on a Vauxhall Ampera?

The boot is also disappointing, with just 300 litres of space – that’s less than the Nissan Leaf’s 330 litres and much less than the Toyota Prius, which has a 446-litre boot. However, the two rear seats do fold flat to create a 1,005-litre load area.

How long does it take to charge a Vauxhall Ampera?

Vauxhall claims that it’s capable of travelling on pure electric for up to 50 miles, at which point the petrol engine kicks in to increase the total range to more than 300 miles. A full charge will take four hours and should cost around £1.

Where can I get service on my Vauxhall Ampera?

There are a total off 30 centres that can service Amperas and Volts. Other Vauxhalls dealers do not have the experts so wont touch them. There was a pickup and return service but wither a garage stands by this is hit and miss. Check where your local garage is and make sure getting it there is viable at least once a year.