Are there any funny memes about a girl?

Are there any funny memes about a girl?

The hilarious memes about girls show various confusing situations which may happen to all of us from time to time. Even your female friends will enjoy our pictures a lot. Get ready to see a huge variety of funny memes about girls. Who knows maybe you will find some similarity between the girls on memes and your girl friends.

What are some of the best feminist memes?

14 Feminist Memes to Make You Laugh 1 Distance and respect. Is that too much to ask? For more animal-related jokes, check out these hilarious animal memes… 2 Channel that tough girl energy. Confident and adorable. Dive deep into the important moments that changed women’s… More

What are some of the best Dirty memes?

1) Let the funny dirty memes begin! “When you a hoe and even your toothpaste knows what that mouth do.” “Son, I know you have grown up now, and I’m proud of you. When Ashley comes over tonight if things get serious, make sure you’re SAFE! Use this! P.S. Your dinner is in the fridge, honey. Love Mom. Anyone see the problem here?”

Are there any funny memes about being pregnant?

Add source Being pregnant is no funny joke. Random phantom pains, the inability to hold your bladder, “morning” sickness that hits you in the middle of the night and all the other best meme-worthy nuisances that come with it sure takes their toll. You and your partner have tried everything the doctor suggested, but nothing seems to work.

1. The first on the funny memes about girls list. 2. Google is definitely a girl 3. ” I don’t know, ask the stores i left it in “ 4. No, you’re not cute girl 5. Because guys are fun 6. That’s a pretty tough question to answer 7. How you hunt white girls

Who is the actor in the Hey girl meme?

Ryan Gosling is a Canadian film actor who is known online for being the subject of several image macro series. These often involve photos of Gosling with a caption that begins with “Hey girl…”

Are there any funny memes coming out in 2020?

Thankfully, we also, somehow, still have our senses of humor. Use these 2020 memes for a bit of gallows humor to get you through the next few months…not that 2021 is looking like it’ll be any better just yet. Here are 50 memes that totally sum up 2020.

When did the Ryan Gosling hey girl meme start?

The first two posts were uncaptioned photos of the actor before the first “Hey girl” post [4] on December 19th, 2008. The original Tumblr blog was first featured on Jezebel [6] in January 2009. The Ryan Gosling Tumblr meme did not take off until December 2010 when Gosling was asked to read several captions from image macros in an MTV [7] interview.