Are Fizzies still made?

Are Fizzies still made?

Fizzies were in production from 1957-1968 and again from the mid-1990s through to 2016. Although Fizzies have sadly ended their production due to a spate of FDA regulations clamping down on the use of artificial sweeteners, you can still buy Fizzies online at stores like Amazon and eBay.

Why did they discontinue Fizzies?

In the 1970s, Warner-Lambert stopped making Fizzies candy because they couldn’t figure out a way to make it taste sweet, be fizzy, and also be safe for kids to consume. The candy was marketed as being healthier than soda pop, with no calories and 100 percent of the recommended daily supply of Vitamin C.

Where are Fizzies made?

Previously owned and manufactured by Amerilab Technologies in Plymouth, Minnesota, Fizzies Drink Tablets were available in candy stores and through online retailers. As of 2012, Fizzies was available in nine flavors: lemonade, root beer, cherry, orange, blue razz, hot cocoa, hot apple cider, cherry cola, and grape.

How are fizzies candy drink tablets healthier than soda?

Just drop a tablet into 4-6 oz. of water, listen to them FIZZ…and watch them turn into vibrantly colorful drinks that everyone will enjoy! Fizzies are a healthier alternative to soda… Zero Calories ~ Zero Caffeine ~ Zero Sugar ~ 100% daily Vitamin C ~ Includes electrolytes the body needs ~ Teeth-friendly – won’t hurt enamel.

Are there any fizzies tablets that have no sugar?

All the fun and flavor of the original Fizzies is back. Now with NO sugar and 100% of the recommended daily supply of Vitamin C. Once upon a time in the ’50s -’60s there was a popular drink tablet that fizzed when placed in water.

What kind of tablets are good for water?

After all we always saw our parents taking fizzing Alka Seltzer. Fizzies are effervescent tablets that magically transform tap water into great tasting soft drinks. They are great to carry with you , just drop a tablet in a bottle of water And you have a great tasting fruity drink.

When did the Fizzies Drink Tablets come out?

The fun, effervescent drink tablet made popular in the 50’s & 60’s has returned! Whether you’re a genuine kid or simply a kid at heart, now you can enjoy the crisp, refreshing drink that everybody loves to make! I remember when I discovered Fizzies and thought I had found the ultimate in candy. It was the early 60’s and I was 12.