Are ESI grips good?

Are ESI grips good?

Conclusion: ESI Grips offer incredible performance, as they’re lighter, more grippy and more dampening, not to mention that fact that they’re affordable too. Personal preference will dictate what thickness you choose – our tester preferred the thinner and more direct grip.

What are ESI grips made of?

It’s that easy! Made from the same material as our mountain bike grips, our RCT Wrap is 100% silicone which makes it UV resistant, non-porous and washable.

Why are ESI grips made out of silicone?

The unique cell structure of silicone creates an amazing dampening effect. Silicone conforms to your hands and shifts the pressure evenly across palms. ESI Silicone MTB Grips and Road grips are engineered one side thicker for absorbing shock and vibration, with the opposite side thinner for bulk-reducing comfort.

What’s the difference between ESI CR and XC grips?

For those that know ESI grips, the CR version is the thickness love child of the Chunky and Racer’s Edge grips. The thicker XC is more a mix of the Extra Chunky and Chunky grips. With less material, the CRs weigh 55g for a pair, with the XC at about 10g more.

What kind of grips do ESI mountain bikes use?

The Fit grips come in two thickness options, the thinner CR (left) or the thicker XC (right) ESI claims the Fit grips will feel like they’ve molded to your hands, straight from new. For us, they took some time to soften up slightly For years, ESI has been the benchmark and trendsetter in silicone mountain bike grips.

What should I use to clean my ESI grip?

Like a standard Oury grip, it’s best to wipe the handlebar clean and then use either rubbing alcohol, a glass cleaner, or hairspray to help slide the grips on. When we spoke with ESI, they recommended we cap one end of the grip and pour in a small capful of rubbing alcohol.