Are blue mason jars worth anything?

Are blue mason jars worth anything?

If you have a jar with one of the older logos, it will likely be worth more than one with a newer logo. Next is the color. Clear and pale blue are the most common colors, but jars of all colors were produced. Some of the rarest jars are antique green glass jars of certain shades, which can fetch up to $300.

What do the numbers mean on the bottom of blue mason jars?

mold number
There will be a large number on the bottom of your jar. This is the mold number, and unfortunately also has no relation to the manufacture date. These charts tell you the approximate decade in which your Ball jar was made.

Why are Ball Mason jars blue?

Feeling Blue Those blue mason jars were mass produced until 1937 using sand from around Lake Michigan. It was that sand that gave the glass its blue hue.

How much do Ball Mason jars cost?

“Canning jars” (CC BY 2.0) by Average Jane. The cost of a mason jar will depend on the brand and how many come in a pack. A single 4, 8, 16 or 32-ounce mason jar can cost $1 to $5, while a 12 pack of one-quart wide mouth mason jars made of tempered glass can cost $10 to $22.

What is the value of old blue mason jars?

If the jars are “Ball Perfect Masons” or “Ball Ideals” and blue in color they are probably worth in the neighborhood of $5 ea. This will be true of many (but not all) of the old blue or aqua colored Ball jars. If they are clear they will probably be worth $1-2 each.

Are blue mason jars valuable?

The shades of aquamarine glass known as “Ball blue” derived their characteristic coloring from the Lake Michigan sand used in creating the glass. Ball blue glass was only made until 1937. The deeper blue, dark green and amber shades of Ball Mason jars are among the rarer colors and thus are valued more highly.

How much are Ball jars worth?

Fruit jars were produced primarily in clear and “Ball blue” (aqua), but some amber, cobalt, and even milk glass examples can be found out there in the wild, and they are likely worth upwards of several hundred dollars. Some Canning Jar Terms.