7 timeless coffee drinks to start your morning

7 timeless coffee drinks to start your morning

What is your morning routine? Are you the type of person who wakes up to the sound of birds chirping and loves to go on a walk or jog? Or are you the one who loves to wake up to the aromatic scent of your favorite Nespresso compatible pods coffee? If you are reading this blog, unquestionably, you belong to the latter group.

For you, coffee is not just any beverage. It is your life that ensures you are productive and energetic the entire day. And you love the coffee that you consume daily. Maybe you are an espresso person, or you love the taste of a cappuccino in the morning. But what if you switch your morning espresso or cappuccino with a different coffee drink? Not sure which coffee to try? Then explore these 7 timeless coffee drinks that you can add to your morning coffee routine.

7 timeless coffee drinks to try

1. Espresso

Espresso is a classic coffee recipe that is preferred by numerous coffee-aficionados. It is pure black coffee and a bit strong as well. This bitter coffee is loved by many and is quite a joy to make. To make a perfect Italian espresso, you need either dark or French roast.

There are quite many brewing methods for an espresso. A FrenchPress makes a mean espresso, and a single-serve machine that uses Nespresso compatible pods is a quick, delicious, and convenient way to make espresso at home.

Pro tip: Using pods coffee for making espresso yields a perfect cup as it is designed for consumption by a single person. No wastage! And the ratio of the espresso is seamless.

2. Macchiato

Macchiato is a coffee drink that is lighter than espresso. At the same time, it is more robust than a cappuccino, making it a perfect pick-me-up for days when espresso seems too bitter. There is another variation of macchiato, and that is latte macchiato.

For a person who wants more espresso and less milk, the original macchiato (espresso one) is the best thing to try. Brewing it at home is quite easy as well. Just brew a cup of espresso, and add foamed milk at the top to make a layer. In the latte version, the quantity of milk is more than espresso.

3. Café Mocha

Mocha is another timeless drink that is sweet and aromatic. It can be your perfect start to the day, especially if you love chocolates as well. Mocha, Yemen is the place of origin for café mocha, hence the name. The addition of chocolate to your regular latte makes it a delicious café mocha.

4. Cappuccino

It was originally known as kapuziner in Vienna. A cappuccino is a coffee with sugar and cream. A seamless drink for people who love to start their morning on a sweet note. Brew espresso pods and add steamed milk to them. You can add sugar, cream, or even syrups to make a drink-flavoured cappuccino at home.

Pro tip: Use flavored Nespresso compatible pods to drink flavored cappuccino without adding syrups full of artificial sugar.

5. Flat white

The milky coffee that you see in the café is flat white. Not sure about the origin of this aromatic drink. Though, it is a flavorful and pleasant coffee that you should try in the morning. It is quite similar to a cappuccino, though it uses one shot of espresso with a thick and rich layer of milk with foam.

On the other hand, flat white uses two shots of espresso with steamed milk without any foam.

6. Latte

Of course! We will add latte to this timeless coffee list. Again, a sweet aromatic coffee. You can brew using one and a half cups of espresso (use dark roast) and two cups of steamed milk. It has little foam and latte with toast makes for a perfect breakfast meal.

7. Iced coffee

For those hot mornings where a warm mug of your espresso is too hot to handle, iced coffee is perfect. It is quite simple, brew espresso and put it in a mug full of ice cubes. Or you can use cold brew coffee to enhance the flavors.

8. Cold brew

Cold-brew is a current trend relatively, though it is going to stay for a long time. It is a perfect beverage for summers. Cold-brew requires time to brew flawlessly. So, you need to make it before-hand.

One major benefit of cold brew is that it is less acidic than espresso and other coffees. Many brands are providing cold brew bags that will make the brewing process a bit easier for you.

9. Irish coffee

Want a stronger coffee? Try the irish coffee which has a bit of whiskey in it. It is a mixture of sugar, espresso, and whiskey. You can also add whipped cream on it as per your liking.

Keep switching your morning coffee with these timeless options. Also, try these healthy coffee recipes for making your morning joe flawless.