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Why was the jitterbug dance popular?

Why was the jitterbug dance popular?

The jitterbug dance played an important role in bringing people back into the ballrooms, which had closed their doors during the World War II due to the higher federal tax that was levied against “dancing” night clubs. People who had not danced before were tempted into jitterbug dance.

Is jitterbug an actual bug?

Jitterbugging developed from dances performed by African-Americans at juke joints and dance halls. The “jitterbug” was a bug sent by the Wicked Witch of the West to waylay the heroes by forcing them to do a jitterbug-style dance.

Is the jitterbug a dance?

Jitterbug, exuberant ballroom dance popular in the 1930s and ’40s, originating in the United States and spread internationally by U.S. armed forces during World War II. Its original freewheeling acrobatic swings and lifts were modified for more conservative ballroom versions.

What’s the difference between jitterbug and swing?

Jitterbug was the white name for Lindy Hop. East Coast swing is strictly based on six-count patterns while Lindy Hop, which evolved organically as a street dance, is a mix of six-count, eight-count, Charleston, jig and other patterns.

What kind of dance did the jitterbug come from?

The Carolina shag and single Lindy Hop dances formed the basis of the jitterbug, which gave way to the double Lindy Hop when rock and roll became popular. White dancers picked up the energetic jitterbug from dancers at black venues.

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Where was the best place to learn the jitterbug?

Venues in the Hill District of Pittsburgh were popular places for whites to learn the jitterbug. The Savoy Ballroom, a dance hall in Harlem, was a famous cross-cultural venue, frequented by both black locals and white tourists.