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Why is Thingyan celebrated?

Why is Thingyan celebrated?

A Rakhine girl pours water at revelers during Thingyan in Yangon, 13 April 2011….

Observed by Burmese People
Significance Marks the Burmese New Year
Observances Water Splashing games, merit-making activities, gadaw
Begins 13 April

How is Thingyan celebrated in Myanmar?

A very wet festival In Myanmar, people believe that all the sins committed during the past year can be cleansed away with the water that’s thrown on them by their fellow citizens during Thingyan. All sins and disillusions are washed away from body, mind and soul and the New Year can start with a purified clean slate.

What do we do in Thingyan festival?

Traditionally, Thingyan Festival was celebrated with the sprinkling of scented water on each other from a silver bowl using sprigs of thabyay, which are the leaves of a green tropical tree, but as times have changed, water is instead thrown on each other from plastic buckets, cans, bowls, water pipes and even powerful …

What is the meaning of Thingyan?

Thingyan 2016 30 Mar 2016. Thingyan means “transition”, a term derived from the Sanskrit word Thinkanta or Sinkanta. It ushers in the Myanmar New Year and is celebrated over three days, with an extra day added on when it is a leap year. Thingyan is a time when the people make merry, unfortunately sometimes to excess.

When is the festival of Thingyan in Myanmar?

When is Thingyan? Thingyan is a public holiday in Myanmar usually celebrated over three days beginning on April 13th. The public holidays given for each year will depend on which day of the week, April 13th falls on. Thingyan culminates in the Burmese New Year and the period of holidays are the most important and the biggest festival in Myanmar.

Where does the word Thingyan come from in Myanmar?

Thingyan has its roots in spiritual and cultural beliefs. Before Theravada Buddhism spread in Myanmar in the 11th century under King Anawratha, Hindu beliefs and cultural activities held sway, with astrology being a core tradition.

Why is the Thingyan important to the people of Myanmar?

Thingyan is a four-day celebration of the New Year in Myanmar. It’s the most important holiday on the national calendar, showcasing its Buddhist beginnings and rich culture. Thingyan is a time for people to learn from the past and look to the future. Before sharing how you can celebrate, let’s take a look at how it began.

Where does the Thingyan take place in South Asia?

The New Year takes place at virtually the same time as the new year celebrations of many countries in South Asia like China (Dai People of Yunnan Province), Laos, Thailand, Cambodia, Nepal, Bangladesh, India, and Sri Lanka. A Rakhine girl pours water at revelers during Thingyan in Yangon, 13 April 2011.