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Who was in the original cast of Merrily We Roll Along?

Who was in the original cast of Merrily We Roll Along?

The cast included Jim Walton (Franklin Shepard), Lonny Price (Charley Kringas), Ann Morrison (Mary), Terry Finn (Gussie), Jason Alexander (Joe), Sally Klein (Beth), Geoffrey Horne (Franklin Shephard age 43), David Loud (Ted), Daisy Prince (Meg), Liz Callaway (Nightclub Waitress), Tonya Pinkins (Gwen), Abby Pogrebin ( …

What year did Merrily We Roll Along open on Broadway?

The original Broadway production of Stephen Sondheim and George Furth’s Merrily We Roll Along officially opened on Nov. 16, 1981. Merrily We Roll Along, written by Stephen Sondheim and George Furth, officially opened November 16, 1981, at Broadway’s Alvin Theatre.

Was Lin Manuel Miranda in Merrily We Roll Along?

Production of Merrily We Roll Along. The trio of “Old Friends” is complete: Tony winner Lin-Manuel Miranda will play Charley Kringas opposite previously announced stars Colin Donnell as Franklin Shepard and Celia Keenan-Bolger as Mary Flynn in the forthcoming Encores!

When did Merrily we roll along come out?

Merrily premiered on Broadway on November 16, 1981, in a production directed by frequent Sondheim collaborator Hal Prince, and featuring a cast almost exclusively of teenagers and young adults.

Who are the characters in Merrily we roll along?

The show tells the story of three friends, and how their lives and friendship change over twenty years; it focuses particularly on Franklin Shepard, a once talented composer of musicals who, over those twenty years, abandons his friends and songwriting career to become a producer of Hollywood movies.

Why was the Merrily we roll along music written backwards?

However, the score was also written to embody the show’s backwards structure in its use and repetition of certain sections of music.

Who was replacing James Weissenbach in Merrily we roll along?

The tryouts, beginning on October 8, 1981, had a poor reception, with audiences walking out. That October 21, The New York Times reported that original leading man James Weissenbach had been replaced by Jim Walton, and the Broadway opening postponed. Field was replaced with choreographer Larry Fuller.