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Who is the MC in Tenjho tenge?

Who is the MC in Tenjho tenge?

Souichiro Nagi
Souichiro Nagi (凪 宗一郎 Nagi Sōichiro / Nagi Sōichirō) is the main protagonist in the manga and anime series, Tenjou Tenge. He is a member of the Juken club and the knuckle bombs, being the son of Makiko Nagi….

Souichiro Nagi
Kanji 凪 宗一郎
Rōmaji Nagi Sōichirō
Gender Male

Is Tenjho tenge on Crunchyroll?

Tenjho Tenge – Watch on Crunchyroll.

What does Dokuson mean?

It means “Above heaven, under heaven, I am alone worthy of honor”. Originally, this is phrase that Zen Buddhist believes to be said by Buddha Sakyamuni when he was born.

What kind of anime is Tenjou tenge about?

Tenjou Tenge a typical shounen anime that takes all the concepts that worked well in other shounen anime and puts it into a High School setting. Tenjo Tenge is basically about two delinquent boys; Souichiro and Bob who enter a school hoping to take it over, like their previous schools but problems occur and then…

When did the Tenjou Tenge soundtrack come out?

In 2004, Avex record label released the Tenjou Tenge soundtrack and a single. In 2005, Avex released two character collection albums. The Tenjou Tenge manga was described as an “engaging mix of action and comedy together while wrapping it all up in a large plot that was fairly dark and really violent at times”.

When did Tenjou Tenge Ultimate Fight come out?

The two additional episodes are broadcasted by TV Asahi in Japan on March 16, 2005 and released in the form of an original video animation named Tenjou Tenge: Ultimate Fight. The anime followed closely to it’s source material up to the manga’s eighth volume with the exception of the sexual content which was toned down.

What’s the difference between Ikkitousen and Tenjou tenge?

Ikkitousen and Tenjho Tenge have both action and ecchi events throughout the entire series. The story in both of these anime revolves around a protagonist with inherent special abilities. The only real difference between the protagonists is that in Ikkitousen the protagonist is a girl and in Tenjou Tenge it is a guy.