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Who is the current voice of Siri?

Who is the current voice of Siri?

Susan Bennett
(KY3) – In this edition of Cool Careers, Melanie Steen talks to Susan Bennett, also known as the voice of iPhone assistant Siri, about her journey as a voice-over actress.

Who is the Siri male voice?

Jon Briggs
Jon Briggs (born 24 January 1965) is an English television, radio presenter and narrator. He is best known for his voice-over work, and particularly as the British voice used by Apple Inc.’s Siri virtual assistant software….

Jon Briggs
Occupation Voiceover Artist
Known for Voice of British Siri

Is Siri a Karen?

2) Australian Siri. Karen Jacobsen, a.k.a. “GPS Girl,” is reportedly the voice behind Australian Siri and a range of GPS brands. Jacobsen, an aspiring singer-songwriter, has since parlayed her various ambitions into a second career on the inspirational speaking circuit.

Who is the GPS voice lady?

Karen Jacobsen
How did an Australian woman who wanted to be the next Olivia Newton-John become the voice of SIRI and the confident giver of directions in than 400 million GPS and smart-enabled devices? Also known as “GPS Girl,” today’s guest, Karen Jacobsen, never saw her device-enabled voice-future coming.

Who is the female voice of Siri Australia?

International career. From 2011 to 2014, Jacobsen’s voice was used as the original female Australian voice of the Siri application on Apple iPhones, iPods and iPads. Jacobsen was President of the New York Chapter of the National Speakers Association (2015) and performed on the main stage of the national conference singing The Star Spangled…

Who was the original voice of Siri from Apple?

Apple has never confirmed the information. The original British male voice was provided by Jon Briggs, a former technology journalist.

Who are all the people that use Siri?

Karen Jacobsen, Jon Briggs and Susan Bennett – but you will know them all better as Siri. Photograph: courtesy Karen Jacobsen/Jon Briggs/Susan Bennett. Apple users are all familiar with Siri, the company’s voice-activated personal assistant that helps out with everything from speed dialling, scheduling meetings and searching for directions.

How did Susan get the voice of Siri?

In an interview with CNN, Susan revealed that she had no idea that her voice was being used for Apple’s products until a friend of hers reached out after hearing the debut of the only-sometimes-helpful virtual assistant. “A colleague emailed me [about Siri] and said, ‘Hey, we’ve been playing around with this new Apple phone.