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Who is Dave Grutman net worth?

Who is Dave Grutman net worth?

David Grutman net worth: David Grutman is an American businessman and entrepreneur who has a net worth of $50 million. David Grutman was born in Naples, Florida in July 1974. He is known for owning and partnering in several restaurants and night clubs in the Miami, Florida area.

Who owns LIV and story?

David Grutman’s Career Nightclub promoter David Grutman is the owner of a hotel nightclub named LIV. He also owns several establishments including the LIV Sun Life Stadium and the Story nightclub.

How did Dave Grutman start LIV?

In 2008, Grutman opened the nightclub LIV at Fontainebleu after garnering wide acclaim for his prior work in founding the Miami Marketing Group (which specialized in seamlessly merging the fields of nightlife and entertainment).

What does Mo Garcia do?

As Vice President of External Operations for MMG Nightlife–which runs LIV Nightclub at the Fontainebleau Miami Beach, LIV Sun Life Stadium, and STORY on South Beach–he helps book the talent, coordinate the events, and make sure everything runs smoothly.

Who is the owner of Liv and story?

David Grutman, the owner of Miami Beach nightclubs LIV and Story, will open three food and beverage concepts and a retail store in Miami Beach in fall 2019. His newly formed lifestyle collective Groot Hospitality has secured a lease at 1575 Alton Road, according to a spokeswoman.

How big is the club at LIV Miami?

LIV Miami has a massive, 18,000 square foot vaguely amphitheatrical club laid out in a multi-layered, nearly circular design that presents an unobstructed view to voyeurs, performers, and DJs alike. This gives guests a bird’s eye view of the celebrities, VIPs, and Miami’s most beautiful crowd creating the ultimate nightlife experience.

When is Liv story opening in Miami Beach?

LIV, Story nightclub owner David Grutman to open food, retail concept in Miami Beach – South Florida Business Journal The concepts will debut in fall 2019. The concepts will debut in fall 2019. The concepts will debut in fall 2019. The Business Journals

What do you need to know about Liv Miami?

Merging the classical beauty of the historical Fontaine bleau with high-energy, contemporary entertainment, LIV offers a unique experience that has redefined the Miami night time scene.