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Which Kpop group has the best leader?

Which Kpop group has the best leader?

Best K Pop leaders; Ft President RM of BTS and Bang Chan of Stray…

  • BTS – RM. President RM!
  • Stray Kids – Bang Chan. In a V-Live Bang Chan praised BTS’ RM saying he is a great leader.
  • TWICE – Jihyo. One of the nicest idols out there is TWICE’s Jihyo.
  • GOT7 – JayB.
  • Big Bang – G-Dragon.
  • Girls’ Generation – Taeyeon.

Who is the best leader in KPOP girl?

TWICE’s Jihyo. Jihyo definitely earned her leader title!

  • IZ*ONE’s Eunbi.
  • GFRIEND’s Sowon.
  • (G)I-DLE’s Soyeon.
  • Oh My Girl’s Hyojung.
  • Who is the best male leader in Kpop?

    Here are the best male Kpop leaders right now, ranked by fans everywhere….The Best Male Leaders In K-pop Right Now

    1. RM. Photo: Wikimedia Commons (CC-BY)
    2. Bang Chan. Photo: JYP Entertainment.
    3. Taeyong. Photo: SM Entertainment.
    4. Suho.
    5. Hongjoong.
    6. Jay B.
    7. S.
    8. Onew.

    Who is the best leader SUHO or RM?

    In the poll held by King Choice Voting Platform, international netizens selected the Kpop leaders who they think are the best. The poll received more than 29 million votes, which ended on August 15. As the result EXO’s Suho ranked first with 6,744,780 votes. Suho was followed by BTS’s RM with 6,718,154 votes.

    Who are the leaders of kpop idol groups?

    13 members + 2 is probably enough to give you a headache of epic proportions, but they have a fantastic leader Park Jungsoo (or widely known as Leeteuk) who keeps them all together.

    Who is the most powerful leader in K-pop?

    K-netizens have spoken and revealed the list of K-pop idols who have the capacity to lead with vigor based on qualities. The said survey was conducted by “Idol Charts” on May 4, and on May 10, BTS’s leader RM took the highest spot, hailing him as the winner of the “Powerful Leadership Quality.”

    What are some quotes from K-pop idols?

    “I think reaching the top is ambiguous in and of itself. Above the top is the sky, above that is the universe, and even above that there’s going to be something else. I always want to be growing, higher than the sky and the universe.” “I don’t believe perfection exists in this world, but there are infinite amount of chances to being close to it.”

    How did Kim Namjoon inspire me to be a better leader?

    BTS’s RM’s leadership has been lauded by many throughout their years in the KPOP scene. In the article titled, “How Kim Namjoon, RM of BTS, inspired me to be a better leader,” by blogger Luke Waltham (2019), he highlighted the reasons why the BTS leader has given him a sense of inspiration to lead properly.